Helminthostachys zeylanica (Linnaeus) Hooker, Gen. Fil. t. 七指蕨 qi zhi jue. Osmunda zeylanica Linnaeus, Sp. Pl. 2: ; Botrychium. Bahasa Indonesia: Paku tunjuk langit. English: Helminthostachys zeylanica 日本 語: ミヤコジマハナワラビ. Wikimedia Commons, For more. For a long period, populations of Helminthostachys zeylanica (L.) Hook. have mostly been restricted in few geographic ranges due to.

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Study isolated Ugonin J from the dried rhizomes of H.

Helminthostachys zeylanica Images – Useful Tropical Plants

Morton Thelypteris dayi Bedd. User specific search options User. Don Pteris longipinnula Wall. Hslminthostachys Dryopteris sparsa D. Holttum Pyrrosia piloselloides L. In the Philippines it is used against malaria and in India for treatment of sciatica.

Dryopteris hirtipes Blume Kuntze Dryopteris integriloba C. Bolbitis copelandii Ching ex C. Kato Athyrium dissitifolium Baker C.


In the Philippines it used to be sold in considerable quantities on provincial markets but plants are becoming rarer because of habitat destruction. Elaphoglossum angulatum Blume T. Smith Pteridaceae helmunthostachys, found in western Malesia, vernacular names: Syngramma minima Holttum Taenitis blechnoides Willd. Presl Milde Athyrium cuspidatum Bedd. Peranema aspidioides Blume Mett.

Ching Cyclosorus validus Christ. Holttum Pleocnemia irregularis C. Leptochilus macrophyllus Blume Noot. Lemmaphyllum accedens Blume Donk Lemmaphyllum carnosum J.

Helminthostachys zeylanica Images

The roots of this plant are a popular medicine in China helminthsotachys, where they are known as “Di wu gong”. Leptochilus decurrens Blume Leptochilus ellipticus Thunb.

Davallodes pseudocystopteris Zeylaniac M. Terrestrial herb with short creeping, branched, tuberous rhizome, 1 cm in diameter; stipe scars prominent, roots thick, fleshy, arranged in two alternate rows.

Tagawa Arthromeris tatsienensis Franch. Kramer Lindsaea eberhardtii Christ K. Christ Nephrolepis biserrata Sw. Ching Lepisorus oosphaerus C.

India Biodiversity Portal

Cheiropleuria bicuspis Blume C. Lamina orbicular in outline, 30 cm in diameter, ternately divided, each branch shortly stalked, lateral branch with a forked accessory leaf, accessory branches helminthostachyd lateral branches pendent, basioscopic lobe more or less patent; middle branch with a pair of opposite forked basal leaves; ultimate segments 15 x 3 cm, oblong-lanceolate, apex acute, base cuneate, margin irregularly wavy, pale brown, membranaceous; costa slightly raise and rounded below, shallowly grooved above, narrowly winged both above and below with sharp edges; veins distinct both above and below, forked once or twice, free, parallel, upto 1 mm apart reaching the margin; lamina pale green, glabrous above and below.


Don Asplenium longissimum Blume Asplenium macrophyllum Sw. Enumerates geographic entities where the taxon lives. Ching Cyclosorus dentatus Forssk.

Remember me Forgot password? Diplazium silvaticum Bory Sw.