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The problem is our thinking, really. Yeah, we heard all that before! Chris Blaschka am 9. Is it a truism- that if you treat people according to Theory Y … so they behave?

How are other persons?

Why we cannot learn a damn thing from Semco, or Toyota

But then, we flip this into from inside to outside. But what is needed, too, is making the internal human nature assumptions explicit: Does this make sense to you, Ilja? The question remains how to end the Theory X prejudice and firmly establish Theory Y thinking. Companies like these have been doing things differently for 20, semci, 40 or even 50 years, in the case of Toyota. Our flawed assumption about what makes other people tick.


The good thing is syste, there are many answers to that. This will make employees — especially knowledge workers — dislike work, avoid responsibility […]; and the managers theory will be confirmed. Even through Theory X works against our best interest, in keeping our organizations stuck in command-and-control mode, driven by top-down, tayloristic management. At the same time revenue has grown and employee turnover dropped to about one percent per year.

September Great article, Niels!

As a coach, I visit a lot of teams and departments, while many people never leave the safety of their team or long time friends within the company.

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The Top 10 Myths About Democratic Management – Semco

Seeing it, but doing nothing about it. Theory X organizations are under increasing pressure. This is the main function smco the management team. September Thanks for the feedback!


So even is culturally aware Theory Y organizations, you need some Theory X management to sustain that culture and belief! This is a journey we work with our clients on.

Management – Entrepreneurship

We remind ourselves that they are somehow not from this world. The most important consistently identified key areas were: Then I challenge it. Remember me on this computer.

But that another company follows their lead seems to be a different matter, entirely. Just the managers or everybody? This should be of interest to anyone engaged in org leadership, development and change: September Very true, Niels!

Click here to sign up. In the theoretical part, theories and models explaining the dynamics February Hi Bruno. Everyone is amazed by those few exceptional organizations They are WOW!