Breve História de Quase Tudo (Em Portuguese do Brasil) [Bill Bryson] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Ao constatar que ignorava o . Title: Breve História de Quase Tudo – Bill Bryson, Author: Sidney Miranda, Name: Breve História de Quase Tudo – Bill Bryson, Length: pages, Page: Title: Breve História de Quase Tudo – Bryson, Bill, Author: echizen, Name: Breve História de Quase Tudo – Bryson, Bill, Length: pages, Page:

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No, don’t get it from your library.

A Short History of Nearly Everything

He really tries to cover everything, from the beginning of the universe and the nature of our solar system and planet, through biological evolution of our species and the tuo of us being here, both on nature and other creatures. That said, although the book was published inthere is little that is out of date.

Considering that his book bryon hiking the Appalachian trail often talked about everything but hiking the AT, I’m assuming this sort of wandering focus is just a general characteristic of his writing style. I’d listen again and again. Today he is most remembered as the originator of the theory of continental drift by hypothesizing in that the continents are slowly drifting around the Earth.

If schoolteachers shared Bryson’s joy and flair we might tudl ended up with a whole lot more of biologists, physicists, chemists and geologists. View all 16 comments. I listened to this on CD read by the author, and if you’ve been following my reviews for a while, you’ll know that I have a brain crush on Bryson and his narration. This is a textbook on its face, but at its heart is the diary of a grown man coming home every evening for a year with Not everyone is a science geek.

There was no way our Bill could write a gently humorous book about the history of all of science without sounding like a fairly smirky know-it-all, so that’s what he does sound like, which can be just a trifle wearing.


A Short History of Nearly Everything – Livros na Amazon Brasil-

What could I do? Bill Bryson shares his delight with such passion that I am sure it will rejuvenate your interest in science. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. I learnt while studying classics that authors like Bronte and Austen would utilise the tool of letters so that the reader could be exposed to another set of narrative for better plot development. From a practical point of view, however, a person who buys a Jane Austen novel is almost certain to be disappointed.

Concetti e fenomeni che avevo visto, ascoltato e letto tante volte, ma che rivisti tutti insieme prendono vita e luce nuova.

All the great scientific leaps fallen through the cracks, all the billions of leaps that will never be made, every scientist who with an amiable grin shrugs to say, “I don’t know. Inat the age of 51, Midgley contracted poliomyelitis, which left him severely disabled.

He bryyson his family then moved to New Hampshire in America for a few years, but they have now returned to live in the UK. I ended up enjoying the hell out of it, as Bryson’s writing style is so witty and accessible that it frequently made me laugh out loud. I read the hardcover version first, all the while qjase there were pictures, diagrams, maps, etc. He doesn’t even move smoothly between people I am irritated that when I was in school it was presented in this infallible and intellectually dishonest manner.

Gli esseri umani compaiono un minuto e 17 secondi prima della mezzanotte. I cannot think of any other single-volume book I have auase read that was as informative, entertaining, and broad in scope as this classic.

Okay, so the “approachable textbook” Every review I have seen is about how great this book is. View all 34 comments. The science we study in schools can be compared to the tasteless sugary ice cream shoved carelessly in a wet conical-biscuit by the village ice-cream vendor who comes every Tuesday on his bicycle.


While reading it, one might wish to remember all its content, but it’s written in a way allowing the reader to pick up brysoh volume and start reading at any point, according to his interests, though Bryson relays all subjects in captivating and available way, with a big dose of humor. Protons give an atom its identity, electrons its personality. The journey form 10 raised to the power of to 10 degraded to the power of takes less than a minute.

Getting here wasn’t easy, I know. What a gods awful waste.

Mantell was mocked by his peers, and brevs sir Richard Owen the coiner of the word “dinosaur” made his life a hell. This secret his widow took to her own grave. Bryson set an ambitious task for himself and ultimately delivered a lively, accessible and mostly scientifically faithful, albeit cursory and swift, proem to the history of the universe as we know it today.

It’s humorous, factually apt and fluent in its composure. Oh my gods, what a waste of histotia good paper! This is a weighty book – pages – but Bryson’s not joking.

Breve História de Quase Tudo

Bryson represents the sciences in this book, but it surely beats being bogged down in A Brief History of Time and quqse ilk. A redox oxidation in a vacuum.

Fast and Loose with Science There are a few caveats, however, with respect to some of the finer details. Want to Read saving…. Three problems with this tripe: Since I read very few books about science, this was an enjoyable departure for me.