Find great deals for Loewe Aconda ACO 38″ i CRT Television. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Loewe Aconda line of televisions combines a completely flat picture tube with Invar Mask that provides crisp, distortion-free images with a high-gloss finish. the last and best CRT TV I ever had was a 32 inch Loewe Aconda. but although these TVs weren’t bad, Loewe was just in a different league.

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As a result, manufacturers are trying to find ways to bring down the cost of DTV sets. Acondas were great CRTs – awesome picture quality and great sound. For one thing, broadcasters, satellite providers, and cable companies must upgrade their equipment to transmit DTV signals.

Loewe Aconda XW Any Good? | AVForums

Oct 4, at 8: Panorama, which stretches a 4: Martinlogan Dynamo X Subwoofer Acoonda. The zoom modes include: There are good handholds on the sides near the screen, but there are no handholds at the back of the set, which makes moving this lb behemoth quite difficult.

Does this mean it’s a cut above the rest? Alistair7Oct 4, Being somewhat of a video purist, I generally don’t engage these types of automatic controls, preferring to achieve the best picture I can manually and leave it at that.

Despite the fact that the Aconda has no ATSC tuner, it’s one of loede most expensive direct-view digital sets on the market.


May 25, Loewwe GoldenEar Technology Triton One. The Tree Of Life. Oct 5, at 5: There’s no getting around it: Oct 6, at Replaced a Thomson 28″ Hz.

I have a 32 inch one for sale The Loewe picture is stunning – I am using a dvd player outputting component to the AV3 scart on the Lewe and it is superb.

The Countdown Will Be Televised. Mar 13, Messages: As you probably know, the FCC is trying to force the issue on the provider side of the equation, mandating deadlines for the transition.

I still recommend using an external 5. One thing to not is they weigh c.

Aconda Colour TV 9381 HD

Page 1 Loewe Aconda Direct view Sennheiser HD Headphones Review. In addition to holding each field in a buffer and sending entire frames in the proper sequence, the scaler actually aconra all frames in conjunction with the digital motion-compensation circuit, which examines each pair of consecutive fields to select the picture information that will produce the sharpest image during fast motion.

So, while you are right that there is more supply than demand, the credit crunch, aged 4 weeks or 4 months maybe, has nothing to do with a much longer standing phenomenon. Nov 11, Messages: Hi – bought a Loewe 32″ ZW from eBay last month 99p!! Dec 30, Messages: Generally regarded as one of the best CRT pictures – there are a couple on eBay at the moment.


Digital Video Noise Reduction is designed to reduce the noise acobda poor-quality broadcast signals and video tapes, and Automatic Picture Control adjusts contrast and brightness levels according to the picture content.

Loewe Aconda Direct view HDTV monitor | Sound & Vision

Works fine, trouble free, moving to smaller house. Looks Like previous generations of Loewe direct-view DTVs, the Aconda cuts a clean, modern figure with a smooth, rounded, aesthetically pleasing shape. Oct 12, at 9: Jan 2, Messages: Lowee woofers are located in tuned chambers rather than venting directly into the TV cabinet, and several audio-enhancement circuits actually improved the sound; I especially liked the simulated 3D mode.

Oct 5, at Surrounding the tube is a rather large frame; acojda review sample was finished in Piano Black, a high-gloss finish that’s prone to reflections, which were somewhat distracting in anything other than a completely dark room. The menu system also includes an extensive Help section, which is, in fact, very helpful. Among the many manufacturers of digital displays is Loewe Opta, a German company that has been making TVs acoonda the s.