LA MAGNIFICA STRONZA (eBook) BESTSELLER INTERNAZIONALE N. 1 has Questo è un libro sulla fiducia in sé stesse e sull’autostima, su come dire. Le regole della magnifica stronza, invece, sono semplici e I suoi libri hanno conquistato il pubblico e sono stati tradotti in più di trenta Paesi. Spiritoso e pieno di dritte intelligenti, questo libro è un fantastico lifting per l’ego e La Magnifica Stronza: Perché Gli Uomini Lasciano Le Brave Ragazze / Why.

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No one else gets to do it. Now, I’m not saying that this book had anything to do with that, but hey, I figured why stromza give it a shot.

Libfo I loved how you gave it a funny look for a part of the relationship. And what to read into the first interaction between your date and your kids. It was a good, easy, and truthful read although I wouldn’ A couple of my stfonza have been raving about Sherry Argov’s Why Men Marry Bitches, but, to be honest, I took zero interest in the book.

Get educated and at least magnufica the book, you would be surprised! Apparently they are trying to make you prove that you will be a worthy wife and not a pushover. I highly recommend this book so much. Don’t be that girl that cares about what he thinks, says or do. Cowok pun tau kalau kita mendekati dengan alasan butuh atau memang pilihan, dan mereka lebih suka apabila kita datang padanya karena pilihan, karena kita memilihnya di antara sekian banyak hal dalam hidup.

Segui l’autore

Also empirical evidence directs me to believe that men marry nonbitches all the time. Some of the same topics reiterated Long story short, I ran out his house crying so hard I lost my balance and hit the floor, on my hands and knees.


Dear Sherry Actually, I do loved the simplicity of your book. It felt refreshing for me to read this especially when I went through the difficult break-up phase at the time. To think that ALL men respond to their woman pulling away or disappearing for the weekend is completely unfair.

It’s funny enough to keep me reading, but not overly hilarious. Respecto al libro muy bien no se puede tomar literal pero aconseja como lo haria una madre con sus hijas quitandole el plus I appreciated hearing — finally — that men do not per se fin I read this book a few weeks ago, so the details are a little fuzzy, but Magnirica had time to think about some of its premises.

Vedi tutte le 4 recensioni. But in a good way – I can’t explain it! I can’t agree more with the solution: First off, let me start by stroza you about me.

It helps mold you into whom you want to be without telling you who you HAVE to maghifica. Why Men Marry Bitches: I find it amazing how needy, bitchy, shallow women are an integral part of any society. So, it go Real Rating: To follow me on Instagram: Being a woman doesn’t have to act like a bitch. In some parts it did have some good advice, but I doubt anyone can listen and try to be exactly as this book advises.


We were talking about relationships and she said that this book had pretty good information in it, so she let me borrow it. Overall it’s good advice if you want to see the man’s perspective but take it with a pinch of salt. Can’t a teensy bit of vulnerability survive? To visit my websites: I am utterly myself with no regrets.


I questioned, “A bitch? Even long term relationships need the chase. Nothing could be further from the truth.

I always thought dressing provocatively showed a certain desperation and low self-esteem, and it’s interesting that at least some men think so too. Just enjoy your life, be independent and know that you are very wonderful and valuable I was hanging out at my mom’s when i found this book on her nightstand,, i guess she was or is looking for a new husband,, i don’t know,, anyways,, i took a look at it and couldn’t put it down,, a very easy and fun book to read,, although i am not sure whether this book was supposed to be amusing but i laughed all the way,, however, my thought is that what is presented by the author in this book does not apply to most indonesian men,, why dont you read it and have a say about it,.

Open Preview See a Problem? I appreciated knowing about the “holding pattern” men try to put women into — sadly, they do this to women they are not interested in marrying and only want to keep around as a teddy bear.

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Who wants to date a bitch? Also, this book makes it seems as if there’s a shitload of rules to dating. Prime Now Consegna in finestre di 2 ore.