Sophie’s Choice has ratings and reviews. Julie said: We are like lutes once held by away from His warm bodyfully explains our co. : LA DECISION DE SOPHIE: RO In Broché. Etat d’usage, Couv. convenable, Dos plié, Intérieur frais. pages. Premier plat . LA DECISION DE SOPHIE. Volumen II by STYRON, William and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at

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One minor issue I had while reading was the amount of sex. It just felt like a huge narrative mistake An intriguing love decisionn. By the time the voluptuous, highly sexualized Sophie enters his life.

Sophie’s Choice by William Styron

I know she made some choices she will never forgive herself for in willia past, and so Nathan is the punishment she has inflicted on herself. The author seemed particularly obsessed with the F word.

Sophie, the beautiful Polish non-Nazi Holocaust survivor has to choose who to end up with between her two lovers, the Jewish Nathan Landau who is a crazy junkie but who brought her to America and the struggling American, Stingo who is also the narrator of the story.

I just thought she was not-fascinating and contradictory, like, not in the way people are in real life. He takes her to his brother Larry who is a physician who treats her and refers her to other physicians.


Sophie’s Choice

But again comes Styron’s response; Wwilliam Auschwitz, where was man? There I was, traipsing, skipping, meandering, flying, all the while, reading words into song, and these were from the Masters, these Mozart’s and Beethoven’s and Liszt’s of STORY, they being ones I thought Immortal, crafting words into song that began with premise, then hit that high note, thus fulfilling their promise of a story sung to it’s ultimate completion.

Probing the Limits of Representation: Then Nathan turned his attention on Stingo. He even looks a little like Peter MacNicol. So, inevitably when the gruesome reality strikes, destroying all hopeyou find yourself stranded and deserted, because with all your might you were holding onto this faith, but now you’ve lost it, only to find it creeping in again.

La decisión de Sophie : William Styron :

I’m aware that he’s a sexually frustrated young man, but god- get on with it! Feb stygon, Chanda rated it it was ok. It is in Sophie’s narration to Stingo that we are gradually led to Sophie’s Choice.

Wh I love this novel. By the time I learned the “true” story and the big reveal I just didn’t care anymore. There were some good analogies, particularly the rats-in-a-barrel Jews vs. A ‘limit event’ is an event or practice of such magnitude and profound violence that its effects rupture the otherwise normative foundations of legitimacy and so-called civilising tendencies that underlie the constitution of political and moral community.

See you in another life.

It is a flashback within a flashback. One important thing that the reader must realize is that Styron is dealing with two time frames. The other problem I have with this narrative is characterization, especially the characters of both Sophie and Nathan. I will instead simply say that the emotions stirred from its telling are just as intense and heart wrenching secision the film. Get ready to cry, or at least feel serious heartbreak when you reach the end.


The ‘growing pains’ of Stingo were not where my interest was centered. Readers who like being emotionally manipulated by horny narrators. When we are very young life is much simpler, is it not?

Complete list — — — She leaves Stingo wrung out like a limp wash rag.

La decisión de Sophie

Hers is tragic story mined with shame, fear and bewilderment over the aberrations perpetrated on her with no rational cause or logical explanation. However, while lengthy and flawed, I found that the compassion willam humanity felt throughout made it a worthwhile and very moving read.

Styron would like us to remember that we’re sitting around in a country built on genocide, acting all horrified about what Nazis did.

Obviously, one star is a bit dramatic. As a reader, I’ve never felt more manipulated. Heidegger and “the Jews”. We are like lutes once held by God.