Buy La coincidencia de Callie y Kayden by Jessica Sorensen, Natalia Navarro Díaz (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices. Read a free sample or buy La coincidencia de Callie y Kayden (La coincidencia 1) by Jessica Sorensen. You can read this book with iBooks on. Callie nunca ha creído en la suerte. No desde que cumplió 12 años, cuando todo le fue arrebatado. Después de que pasara lo peor, prometió que nunca se lo.

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Open Preview See a Problem? As long as they stick together nothing can really get in their way.

What more can I say? I struggled to finish this book, then struggled to understand its appeal. It lacked some effort. I didn’t feel anything but annoyance at how mildly everything was approached. As long as they can stay strong together, nothing can ever tear them down. I wish I could run my fingers along them and remove the pain and memories that are attached to them.

La coincidencia de Callie y Kayden

One second she claims that in six years, six whole years, she hadn’t been able to trust iayden guy, any guy for that matter and then just because Kayden’s really attractive she doesn’t even hesitate to join him somewhere much less be alone with him? Kayden was not at all what I’d consider a nice guy; he was just a horny teenager and, no, telling her every few sentences “tell me when to stop and I will” doesn’t make him a better person.

And she wrote a book. It was an amazing journey and I sure will miss them. They became more shallow by page paragraph or maybe their shallowness was unveiled layer by layerand it didn’t help that the author kept reminding us of their oh-so-tragic past. She’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me-my ray of sunshine through the rain, the clouds, the storm that hovers over my head.


I could complain all day about this book but I have better things to do like, refold the clothes in my wardrobe. The beginning of this book t me an inoffensive – if somewhat formulaic – introduction to cal,ie story and characters. I read through it but Dr didn’t feel connected to the characters.

I wish this last installment were longer, giving more vision kaden Callie and Kayden’s future. To ask other readers questions about La coincidencia de Callie y Kaydenplease sign up.

But am I a fan of Jessican Sorenson’s writing??

Am I supposed to like a guy who smiles to a woman’s face but holds such contempt for her the minute she turns away? Coincideencia, is that how people swear where you’re from, because what the helling coincidwncia was fucking that?

While Kayden is not the worst hero in New Adult, he’s not a good one either. Yes, I felt for him and his past as well, but not him as a person. Quotes from The Resolution of Sometimes, a book’s premise can be deceiving.

You know that they suffered. Her words are so much more powerful. I was about halfway through the book and I callie convinced that this was written by a 15 year old. Jessica Sorensen tied everything up nicely in their final book. September 30th is almost here!!!

I really fucking hope this doesn’t turn out se be an unnecessarily melodramatic novel overflowing with much unneeded angst and end up ruining everything for me.

Callie’s a difficult character to like despite her circumstances. Callie seems like a much more believable character, and the demons she is dealing with are maybe the most believable part of this whole novel; this remains the only valuable aspect of the story and maybe the reason I shouldn’t feel horrible about giving this book one star. Over all the writing style just wasn’t that great either. Quiero seguir este camino contigo. Kayden on the other hand. Kayden continues to battle the darkness of his past and the fear that still simmers inside.

I bought it for the sample I truly wish I had not wasted 99 cents on this book, really if I could I wouldn’t have bought it for free either if it had been sold for free that is.


The development of Callie is amazing. If the writings not awful and the plot is somewhat decent and the love story’s sweet I can deal. Put your hands together for the latest throwaway “slut” Kayden uses and casts aside. The conclusion is the perfect balance of happy ever after, drama, and resolution. Coinciddencia thing that turned it from a silly, predictable issue-book into one I really hated? She has let go of the pain of her past and instead chooses to concentrate on the here and now, and how happy she is with Kayden.

Dont get me wrong, I fell in love with the first book and even liked the second book a little. Suffice to say, I can’t really continue with this series because the characters felt so formulaic, the emotional resonance so contrived that it didn’t do anything for kayven.

La coincidencia de Callie y Kayden by Jessica Sorensen (1 star ratings)

When she’s not writing, she spends her time reading and hanging out with her family. Jul 28, Jessica’s Book Review marked it as to-read Shelves: Sleeping with someone doesn’t make that person a slut. Like the author was desperate to keep you captivated. Though I should have been more wary due to the low price and the author’s self-pubbed status, I was feeling adventurous.

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However, I let myself be deceived by high ratings, glowing reviews, and bestseller lists. And being “healed” by falling in cal,ie with an equally damaged partner, is making fun of the severity of their traumas. To which people would highlight like crazy kindle shows you popularly highlighted lines. Oz Editorial; 1 edition June 10, Publication Date: