Eye-opening and utterly gripping, Koren Zailckas’s story is that of thousands of girls Smashed is a sober look at how she got there and, after years of blackouts . Garnering a vast amount of attention from young people and parents, and from book buyers across the country, Smashed became a media sensation and a New . The book is a reflective account of the drinking career of the author from the age of 14– The irony being she reached a decision to remain.

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I read a lot of biography and fiction on this topic, and I am absolutely impressed with the honest voices that show through time and time again. Before they read the manuscript, they never suspected my friends and I nicked booze smashrd their liquor cabinet. My mom doesn’t try to recap the time line.

Apr 07, Kelly rated it it was amazing Shelves: I agree that society does young people a disservice by failing to address the issue of binge drinking, but I don’t know that her complete indictment of her friends, men around her, her sorority, the college environment generally, the alcohol and advertising industries, and society as a whole, is well-supported. As far as I can tell, I have no family history of alcoholism.

There was a study by the American Medical Association last fall that found kids have more access to alcohol than adults realize and girls are even more adept at finding it.

Four months earlier, two women who had been raped after someone slipped them Rohypnol testified before Congress to urge them to take action against the vast numbers of people who were smuggling the drug into the United States.


Her images are strong and powerful. Years later, he will say it was one of those pivotal moments — he sensed that the whole world swung on whether he went back to sleep or drove to me.

As a College student in the United States, this story has shown me the darker side to a drinking culture out of control.

This was perhaps how I felt about being sixteen. With honesty, humility, and dazzling language, she describes how her youth was lost in a dizzying pattern of partying and binge drinking.

This from someone who has been known to enjoy a few drinks every now and then. I knocked back a few sips of generic rum, which tasted strong and acidic, and bit my throat. I think she is reaching big time in a lot of her observations s,ashed assumptions.

But two days afterward, I am still far too close to the night to see it clearly.

What are you working on now? She currently lives with her family in the Catskill Mountains of New York. With one stiff sip of Southern Comfort at the age of fourteen, Zailckas is initiated into the world of drinking. Garnering a vast amount of attention from young people and parents, and from korej buyers across the country, Smashed became a media sensation zailckss a New York Times bestseller. At sixteen, I’m 5’2″ and pounds with a ski parka on, which means it would take about one hour of downing eight to ten drinks to kill me.

Smashed by Koren Zailckas | : Books

I smashee see now that I’m wearing hospital booties with my gown. I also don’t know how she suddenly found so much clarity after quitting drinking for like a month. It is the look of crude disbelief. In college, her excess will give way to a pattern of self-poisoning that will grow more destructive each year.


Give me a break. Try to think of aspects that you think are common and those that you think are unique to her situation.

Smashed: Story of a Drunken Girlhood

Think about the rate at smadhed our bodies were growing when we were fourteen. The bottom line – the quality of the writing is not good enough to draw you in and keep you there. I think she was melodramatic and obnoxious and I don’t know what her problem was.

He asked to speak to her parents, and when she said smasyed were sleeping, he asked to talk to me. Close mobile search navigation Article navigation. The author is not very likable or doesn’t present her story in any way that makes you feel smashd for her. Bear is pacing the floor by our feet, hoping for a dropped cube of cantaloupe. Instead, she says, “I assume Claire filled you in. Even alone, I am ashamed of the arcs of my own pale skin, particularly in the whitest part that spans between my hips.

Writing, culling and arranging words, always came naturally. Retrieved from ” smasher When they tell me this, I envision a dead body — not my body, but the body of someone in a thriller movie who has just been clubbed with a paperweight and dragged in a bloody streak across the floor by her feet.

The whole ordeal hadn’t been the least bit thrilling. Refresh and try again.