read the help section on adding an animation to your web page. Tutorials and More Help Topics. You can view examples created with KoolMoves by going to. KoolMoves and KoolShow, Html5 animation software, combine ease-of-use with powerful effects for creating high quality Html5, GIF, AVI, MP4, and SWF. Your Kool Moves movie can be placed on a web page within a layer with the background set to transparent allowing your HTML page background color, text.

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Fixed problem with type mismatch message associated with use of ‘new’ with a locally defined variable. Fixed a bug in km.

Fixed snap to grid so it applies to point operations. Motion paths linear or curved can be applied to canvas elements. Fixed tools toolbar icon images when exiting bones editing mode when tools toolbar icons are 24×24 pixels. Once you have your code, come back and complete this tutorial to insert the wmode modifications.

KoolMoves and KoolShow Html5 animation software

Added a warning message when a stop movie action is within 6 tweens of the start of the movie for Html5 export. Now you can create that kind of magic for the web, right in your own home, with this very affordable software.

Fixed Flash 8 media player problem associated with tktorial paths starting with. Fixed vector rendering when the last border segment is not closed for CreateJS Html5 export. Removed menu items for object library functionality if the system directory path to tutoiral data contains unicode characters and doesn’t correspond to the actual directory path.


Added short cut for “Add copy of frame” Survey Monkey request. Points defining shapes can be moved, added, and deleted. Improved naming of objects if there is a name duplication. Changed default export option for 32bit png compression from jpeg to lossless.

Improved export wizard and dialogs for Html5 export. This bug was introduced in the last version. Fixed a subtle problem with slideshow next button behavior for Html5 export.

Fixed several SVG import problems. Fixed problem with using apostrophe in slide show caption.

What’s New in KoolMoves and KoolShow

Added capability to import SVG gradients Survey Monkey request and tutofial long-time goal — linear gradients with ObjectBoundingBox gradient unit still need more work Added option for exporting as responsive responsive Html5 canvas. Added additional export options — save exported javascript code to a separate file and save javascript files to a subdirectory. Fixed problem with invalid page references in go-to-page actions when jQuery Mobile pages are deleted.

Added additional AS3-based preloaders. Fixed slideshow navigation button behavior for CreateJS Html5 export. Fixed disabled slideshow skin property in Properties dialog for Html5 export. It is indicated on the Timeline with a horizontal line connecting the first occurrence to last.

Fixed problem with initial display of scenes on navigation toolbar if scenes turned off in Preferences. Improved rendering of line drawing in single step preview.

Added an icon to designate image-filled shapes. Fixed problem in exporting 8-bit slides and slides with transparency in Slide Show component. For example, if you shoot a video of a person against a blue screen background, you can make that person seem to float over a web page.


Added validation of file paths for slide show and media player content on opening project file. Fixed SVG linear gradients when preference is set to draw as symbols. Fixed or at least improved several problems with Movie Overview search. Extended and improved motion path capability with the addition of curved quadratic motion paths, motion path segments, and auto orient for Html5 export.

Fixed minor cursor problem when drawing a freehand shape. Added an error message when a component skin can’t be found. Changed rendering of on-stage text for Html5 export from direct rendering of font glyphs used for Flash export to Gdiplus rendering. Fixed text color problem with Html5 motion scripts with an updated kooljs. Added ability to add image alt tag text for a jssor slide. Added ability to import a folder of slide images into a jssor slide show.

Fixed a double quoted file name problem in exported html under certain circumstances. Changed dialog and menu fonts to Segoe UI, the designated Windows 10 system font, which makes this version tutoral longer XP compatible and also tutorixl the font size for most of the dialog windows. Added additional run-time error testing.

Fixed rotate and spin effects for CreateJS Html5 export. Added support for package level functions. Changed Html5 code dialog by allowing user to change base folder.