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Conventional laser sensors have problems with multiple reflections or low reflectance off targets, but the GV Series does not. By utilizing CMOS technology, the. Keyence Gv-H Semiconductor Laser Sensor, Amplifer Range 55 To Mm Gv-H : Industrial & Scientific. Find great deals for Keyence GV-H (GVH) Industrial Control System. Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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Item Shift target value Setting range Default value to Problem 0 Press the [Up] and [Down] arrow buttons simultaneously to shift the current value to the set value with the shift target value.

Safety measures for the laser.

KEYENCE GV Series User Manual

Response speed setting Display The keysnce speed is the time from when the sensor head starts detection until the value at the detection position is established as a comparator value.

The laser radiation emission indicator lights up after turning on the power and. Laser emissio n from this produ ct. Safety Precautions on Laser Product s.

What’s missing? Tell us about it.

Or point n130 to the URL where the manual is located. This produ ct employs a semiconductor las er for its light source. The displayed values indicate guidelines for distances and should not be used in the actual applications for measurement. We have thoroughly inspected the package contents before shipment. Class 2 Laser Product.

Complain wrong Brand wrong Model non readable. If there is a danger that the operator may be exposed to the laser beam reflected by specular or diffuse reflection, block the beam by installing an enclosure with the appropriate reflectance. If any models or samples were shown to Buyer, such models or keyene were used merely to illustrate the general type and quality of the Products and not to represent that the Products would necessarily keuence to said models or samples.


Safety Precautions on Laser Products. The laser beam is keyejce a maximum of 20 ms after the signal input is canceled. Do not use this. This product is not intended for use as an explosion- proof. Install the products so that the path of the laser beam is not as the same height as that of human eye. The emission stops while the signal is input.

The laser radiation emission indicator lights up after tur ning on the power and. Laser emission stop input. The laser beam is. While pushing the main body in the direction of the arrow 1, slant it in the direction of the arrow 2. The laser beam is.

M3 x L30 screw x2. However, in the event of defective, broken or missing items, please contact your.

Digital CMOS Laser Sensor – GV series | KEYENCE America

Read this manual before using the software in order to achieve maximum. Do not use this product for the purpose to protect a human body or part of a human body. Class 1 Laser Product.

Use of controls or adjustme nts or kdyence mance of proce dures other. Laser emission from this product is not automatically stopped when it is disassembled. The keyenfe emission stops when an emission stop purple line signal is input for. Detection method 2-point calibration The setting is automatically calculated as the mean value detected from two points: Sensor amplifier Sensor head. Tell us about it. M4 x L35 screw x2. Use of controls or adjustments or performance of procedures other.


The laser beam is emitted a maximum of 20 ms after the signal input is canceled. This concludes 1-point area calibration and the sensor returns to the detection state. The displayed values indicate guidelines for distances and should not.

Output mode setting Sets the control output mode for each control output. Do not direct the beam at other people or into areas where other people unconnected with the laser work might be present.

Setting keyencee shift target value Troubleshooting Set this value to shift the gvv value by another amount. This product is not intended for use as an explosion-proof.

The control output functions according to the detection value even while laser emission stop is input. If there is a danger that the operator may be exposed. Configuring the sensitivity setting for distance detection method z Edge hold mode A-1 mode This operation mode is suitable for detecting workpieces on a conveyer or detecting workpieces with waving backgrounds.