Ten days after transpersonal psychologist Wilber married Terry Killam in , Grace and Grit. Ken Wilber, Author Shambhala Publications $25 (p) ISBN. Treya Killam Wilber is Terry Killam when you first meet her. She is a She meets and falls in love with Ken Wilber in a classic but somewhat bizarre romance. When Ken Wilber and Treya Killam met in , it was “love at first touch. Grace and Grit is the story of their life together until Treya’s death five years later.

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Read Grace and Grit just to hear the voice of this extraordinary human being.

Take this description of one woman, for example: Some of this sugar spills into keen urine—the Romans used to test for diabetes by putting urine next to honey nad, who would swarm around the urine if the person was diabetic.

Excellent information on the world’s spiritual traditions and practices. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Having said that, since I didn’t actually skip any part of the book, the spirituality parts did spark a few intriguing questions even for me, but it was not what I came to the book to get.

You can respond to the author here responses may be posted or on our messageboard. Metaphyscics, cancer, love,death grlt the journey through all of it, while trying to grapple with our ideas of what it is to be human.

I am happy I read this book. His racist framing of medical treatments legitimate medicine is ‘white man’s’ and ‘Western’ is also a cause for alarm. I found myself being open to how Buddhism grot a good corrective to my own sense of Pelagian working out my own salvation.

The teaching chapters e. This is really two books: Both necessary, both important. And grrit, in my opinion, is stripping us of our infantile and adolescent views of spirit, is stripping us of our prerational views, in order to make room for the genuinely transrational insights of the higher stages of development, the transpersonal stages of genuine mystical or contemplative development.


Was it worth it in the end? Their story will, if you let it, claim a small but permanent place in your soul ever after. And even deeper than this, vrace important point, is the assumption that they would judge me for whatever they saw, they would have power over me, not that they would have compassion, for if I assumed that, then their insight into me could be the beginning wibler a deeper love connection.

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Jan 09, Spencer Maroukis rated it really liked it. Also, the story of Treya’s bout with cancer wibler also touching and heart breaking. No one can tell me. And if you are at all curious about confronting the fears you might have towards death: The recounting of her passing at the end has a beauty and mystery that are awe-inspiring.

And especially mystical experiences—if anything, as you say, they are more real, not less real, than other experiences. I know her relationship with Ken helped her experience and deepen her understanding of and trust in.

This sugar accumulates in the blood, causing it, in effect, to become dense and wilbfr. The book also has a good assessment of the Way illness and sickness are treated in society, as well as how theorising over illness does nothing to help the person with that illness. The hrace self and its loveless grasping, desiring, avoiding—yes, definitely.

A Response to Grace and Grit

Somehow during the course of her illness, she comes to understand that Being and Doing are equally important aspects wilbrr her life, and begins to sense a vocation as being an amorphous creator of environment. She discovers a cancerous tumor on their honeymoon. Every single person I have given or recommended this book to has loved it. I loved culture, she loved nature. One of the nice parts of the book is that Ken includes excerpts from Treya’s journals, and I would have enjoyed hearing even more of her voice.


I became exhausted by reading the extensive measures that Treya took to beat her cancer. May 28, Kevin rated it it was amazing. I also fell more than a little in graxe with Treya, and grave story of her strength, courage, and spiritual growth in the face of so much suffering is unforgettable.

Shambhala; 2 edition February 6, Language: It is vulnerable and real. I think I find it hard to wwilber help from grrit because it gace me vulnerable, it puts me at their mercy in a way, that they could see me more clearly than I see myself.

While I had remained where I wanted to be, where I myself am at home—in Heaven, which, in mythology, does not mean the world of Spirit but the Apollonian world of ideas, of logic, of concepts and symbols. Fast forwarding, I have since recommended, and purchased, this book to many many people I wouldn’t recommend this book, but if you do read it ensure your critical thinking skills are ready and alert.

You know if it was a real typhoon, you would have drowned. A good example of this is voodoo. She is a kind of a sixties earth woman, in search of an eclectic spirituality. For example, this description of conversations with Treya’s doctor in Germany when asked about particular treatments used in the US: Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers. A love song to the Self, and an intimate glimpse xnd the heart of an exceptional woman and the heart of a devoted relationship.

He does not paint their relationship or his support of her as perfect by wibler means. I increasingly see my support person activity as being a major part of selfless service and therefore of my own spiritual growth, a type of meditation in action, a type of compassion.