Karen Cuneo Ramirez. cruzo; 2 videos; 41 views; Last updated on Nov 23, Chord Structure: Scales and Key Signatures. by Karen Ramirez. Popular internet teacher Karen Ramirez shows you how to play the piano or keyboard. Sep 26, Part 2: Playing by Ear by Karen Cuneo Ramirez.

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He has performed at Disneyland in Anaheim, California and has played numerous public and private concerts, theatres, organ extravaganzas as well as on cruise ships. Karen’s new book combines popular lesson material from two earlier books into one.

He just completed his fourth CD, scheduled for release in the summer of ‘ Lots of fun hints and shortcuts you can apply to ksren a keyboard, digital piano, or an organ. She was one of the first professionally trained group karem on the west coast and now travels around the country, training teachers to make playing music both fun and easy. The DVD lessons are not available digitally. After college, karen was trained to teach group classes while working in the piano retail iaren.

This book explains to note readers how to take basic music reading and chords chneo transform yourself into an ear player. These are the books that Karen refers to in her YouTube videos; now you can order them and learn the easy basics of playing chords.

This album features the hit song “Sunflowers” which was written for Karen and played at their wedding.

Cnueo says, “Most people think music is complicated and they are too old to learn, so they never try it. Playing Music with No Music This book explains to note readers how to take basic music reading and chords and transform yourself into an ear player.

There are no refunds or returns on books that have been shipped or downloaded.

Karen’s Lesson Books – Sacramento Music Group

Copyright Music in Newcastle. Music Exchange i n Newcastle. In college, karen studied classical music, but decided that it was a lot more satisfying to teach popular music to adults who just want to have fun. Karen’s most popular book teaches you everything you need to know to play chords on piano, organ, or keyboard. This new book contains everything you need to know eamirez music. Gregg also scores his own music for the silent cubeo he performs. You can learn to play the piano, organ, or keyboard and have fun!

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In her YouTube videos, Karen has talked about her husband who is a smooth jazz pianist. Some of Karen’s printed books are now available digitally as PDFs. Karen started playing in church at age 13 and was teaching young students while still in high school. Witness the many students who have learned to play with great satisfaction over kaen years and continue to take group lessons at Music Exchange. She has helped thousands of kxren choose their first keyboard instrument; her new book can help you.

Learn how the “Circle” easily defines standard chord progressions, how to use it to understand how chords work together, and how to use the custom chord wheel included. This set is a good supplement when used with the second half of Karen’s “Emergency Chord Book”. In college, karen studied classical music, but decided that it was a lot more satisfying rmirez teach popular music to adults who just ramifez to have fun After college, karen was trained to teach group classes while cyneo in the piano retail business.

You can use logic to understand how playing by ear is possible for someone who thinks you have to be born with the talent. Download links are sent manually by our staff, not by an automated system; please watch for an email from Sacramento Music Group after you place your order. He brings musical life to an almost forgotten era.

Karen Cuneo-Ramirez

When you purchase a PDF, we will send you an email with a link to download the file s within 24 hours of receiving your order. Web Hosting by Yahoo! Karen Cuneo Ramirez has been teaching piano, keyboard and organ lessons for 35 years.


She started taking piano lessons at the age of 7 and eventually made the organ her main instrument. With this new 3 DVD set, you can learn the karsn of Karen’s latest book by watching her 7 classes on video. She has written several books on short cuts to playing music, and her fun, energetic approach using humor and entertainment will make everyone’s desire to play a musical instrument become a reality.


If you’ve decided to start learning how to play a keyboard instrument, you’ve probably had questions like “Should I get a piano, digital piano, or keyboard?

After years of searching for one book that contained all of the information needed to understand ramifez, Karen has collected all of the class materials she has written and used in years of teaching and consolidated them into her own easy-to-understand book. Orders placed in the shopping cart on this web site are securely processed by.

When he is not cuneoo workshops, giving concerts or teaching music, Gregg always makes time for causes that he believes will further music appreciation. Karen divided the kaaren into sections and talks in detail about the basics of music. While these classes are focused on students who are learning to play a keyboard instrument, the basic music skills covered apply to all musical instruments.

It starts with a very easy, fast method of playing chords and expands slowly into learning how chords are formed, numbered chords, inversions, and the circle of chords. His love of silent films is evident when he performs one of his silent film concerts. The book covers reading notes, finding karsn notes on a keyboard, counting, scales, basic chords, key signatures, bass clef, music terminology and much more.

For more info about the album and audio samples, visit www.

The 2 DVD set contains 8 classes that take you through the book in detail. To order more than one of each book, type in the desired quantities in the shopping cart. His extensive repetoire continues to delight audiences wherever he plays. She now works here at Music Exchange cundo teaches many students a week in group classes.

Gregg Isett has been playing the organ since the age of 7.