Many servers have a default limit of 2 MB as the maximum file size. Consequently , some template files are considered as too big and cannot be. The following works perfectly for me: define(‘_JEXEC’, 1); define(‘JPATH_BASE’, ‘ ../’); require_once JPATH_BASE. ‘includes/’; require_once. The File Manager allows you to manage your site through HTTP rather than an FTP tool or other third-party application. You can upload, create or delete files.

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Use Simple PopUp to show a message, as a image gallery, add any content to it from the Joomla Article editor. Caricade this is not work in joomla 3. I got an error Chibuzor Udokwu 1. Documentation this is not work in joomla 3. This extension does not automatically provide information about new versions in Joomla!

Load Joomla 3.x Framework and Modules in external PHP file – Stack Overflow

Just use the Contact form on my web page to get in contact with me! Good module Eddy 4. As of version 2. This is a great solution and the support has been phenomenal. Ease of use Yes, top integration.

This is a flexible, simple-to-use plugin that is used to add tabs to any article created in Joomla. What I really like is Option to save files in username subfolders which means every file is easy to find jopmla I don’t need to track who is uploading. If you want to do it anyway you have to change the source code in one Visforms files at two lines.


This is carixare flexible, simple-to-use extension that is used to list the contents of any folder. Posted on 21 October Mostly used for uploading manuscripts for publishing.

Easy File Uploader

For the file manager section of my website. Highly Recommended Kacey Functionality With a few additions to the MIME types I managed to get this extension uploading all the files I wanted with minimal effort.

Zip files are one of those file types and using the Joomla! Ease of use very easy to to use without any tutorial. He still improve adjustability and funcionality.

Display 12 30 60 It can be as simple as just adding the directory to upload to, or you can chose to use any of the below listed functions. There are 9 built-in meta data fields, and the admin can add any type of additional field desired. If you are using version 2. Posted on 15 May In few minutes was able to make it work, and in a less then an hour integrated it in independent submission form – something that if you are a professional developer is a MUST.

Simple File Upload

Support Yes but not tested. When I upload with form files like jpg, bmp, png, tiff etc. But actually I think this is very reasonable and the aim of core functions is, to make the live of a developer easier make it easy to deliver save code and don’t bother him to much with very specific details.


Posted on 06 February By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service cxricare, privacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

You jooma select from the list of users and add custom directory ojomla for the user. Thanks for taking the time to post your review on JED.

Simple File Upload, by Anders Wasen – Joomla Extension Directory

The folder listing can be displayed i This is a very easy to use, yet powerful, upload file s module for Joomla. Ease of use So easy to use and set up.

Visforms Subscription Visforms Extensions Useful extensions for Visforms which enable you to integrate your forms perfectly into your website and carlcare perform special tasks which turn Visforms into much more than just a form generator. Only variables should be assigned by reference” warning. Ease of use Pretty straightforward, but really need email notification when clients upload files.

Using PHP in phpbb template files is enabled in the Security options.