Bass Transcriptions and More by bassist Dave Fink Transcriptions. Darling Dear · The House On Website. bio/. TRANSCRIPTION OF JAMES JAMERSON’S BASSLINE TO. “YOU’RE MY EVERYTHING” by THE TEMPATIONS by PAUL WOLFE -to-play-bass. com. Welcome to this collection of James Jamerson transcriptions. There’s also some bonus Motown transcriptions.

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The sound I love most, apart from James J. It sat well in the mix and listeners felt it more than they heard it in some cases.

His groove-oriented melodicism brought about a broader awareness of the role and possibilities of the bass guitar, and no less an authority than Paul McCartney rates him as an influence on his own playing. Skip jaems Content Skip to Navigation. You can buy this compilation as a box set — or buy the discs individually which works out slightly cheaper.

Bass Players – James Jamerson | How To Play Bass

On occasion I’ll add some of the comments here. It’s all in here, in the heart. It also wouldn’t be too far of a stretch to simply play with flatwounds, and they’re enjoying a little bit of a comeback the Weeknd’s Can’t Feel My Jsmes for example.

Or Cocaine in D. In a interview with Bass Guitar transcgiptions, McCartney recalled his training on the instrument: Was he using the foam under the strings? I live and breath James Jamerson. Also, do not post links to giveaways where you transcriptiobs benefit getting more entries by propagating spamming a link.

Hehe, you basically said it in your last sentence, but if you showed up and just plonked this bassline down on tape like Dr.

Jazz Capacitor | Bass Transcriptions | JAMES JAMERSON

That’s why they are in this specific collection. This is an incredible set of gems. Lets just say I am far FAR from being a wealthy person.


It’s my belief that the “fair use” doctrine of section of US Copyright law allows me to make these tracks available to the public for the sole purpose of study, review or critical analysis. The most important thing was basa producers’ studio notes for the month that “Whats Goin On” was recorded.


Yes, it is very blown out, and third world as far as modern cities go. This is a great example of using bass as functional counterpoint – an art that has unfortunately seems to have been squashed in modern music. Very interesting to hear those solo’ed tracks. I had recovered full renovation blueprints for the basz, travel expense reports for Gladys and the Pips, the Supremes – all sorts of very interesting documents.

James Jamerson was described by Motown jmaerson Berry Gordy as “a genius on the bass Here’s some of the documents – a few are quite large so you can read them. I got in it before it was totally gone with the owner and took photos of that.

Jamex Going On James Jamerson 2. These tracks are a revelation. Amazingly the majority of them were improvised from chord symbols. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. The Deluxe Edition of the CD features a jamersln disc — this disc features remixes of the original Motown Masters with most of the vocals stripped away so you can hear what all the instruments were playing!

Here are some comments I’ve gotten about my isolated Motown tracks. Motown Center was just one of the historic places my group explored over the years. This stuff will be invaluable jamee me. There wasn’t a lot of room for error, much less giving anyone extra tracks, including the lead vocalist. The strings don’t make the sound, it’s the feel. Amazing, the power of the Internet. Here I am on the phone with one of the senior members of Universal Music and he’s complimenting my bass playing.


You can read more here:. May you find some small or large thing that is equally good for you in the days to come! All the famous producers and arrangers– just crazy. Have any comments on the Motown jamersn tracks?

He was curious how I actually obtained them, and even asked if the bass tracks were actually me playing, to which of course I replied how flattered I was at the mere suggestion. What a gift – thank you so much for letting me listen.

F or me one of the nice benefits of this website is having the opportunity to hear from fascinating people from all over. You had enough for the group and the lead. They might ask you if you can play Superstition in E though. While learning her repertoire I became quite familiar with Jamerson’s work both from her recordings and the many signature Jamerson bass lines written in on Martha’s charts. The tone is amazing, a little dirty too,which I never noticed before, jamee. This is an all time great bass line I called David at Universal after he contacted me and we discussed the situation.

Bass Players – James Jamerson

So in fairness, I’ve password-protected the page until licensing details are worked out, assuming that the option stays on the table. Jim Keltner was here Saturday night sitting at my computer and just delighted. The images can be viewed in these three Motown Docs pdf files.