Putin’s Favorite Philosopher Discusses Fascism (Ivan Ilyin) This Russian Philosopher Believed Russia Was Made Great by Its Orthodox Faith (Ivan Ilyin). The Russian president’s favourite thinker is Ivan Ilyin, one of the intellectuals the Bolsheviks deported on one of the “philosophers’ ships” in. Who is Ivan Ilyin, and why is Putin so indebted to this marginalized Russian figure?

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In my last post, I said that the ideas of Eurasianism and Alexander Dugin iljin just several among many influencing Russian policy makers, and even then in a highly bowdlerized way. I cannot imagine what definition of fascism he is using to draw this conclusion. Inthe German Nazis fired Ilyin and put him under police surveillance. He disputed olyin an individual could choose their nationality any more than cells can decide whether iivan are part of a body.

Inhe was eventually expelled among some prominent intellectuals, on the so-called ” philosophers’ ship “. According to Snyder To make it work, he picks only those bits of evidence which suit his purpose and fills out his analysis with salacious allegations Ilyin was a fan of psychoanalysis, had peculiar ideas about sexual perversion, was rabidly anti-Semitic, etc.

And skip over everything which complicates the simple story you are spinning. This greatly over-inflates its importance.

We’re hoping to rely on loyal readers, rather than erratic ads. The other point was the wrong attitude towards private property among common people in Russia.


The Road to Unfreedom by Timothy Snyder review – chilling and unignorable

Many philosophers continue to cite him and make use of his ideas. In fact, he rejected Eurasianism. This approach cherry picks the past to suit a personal and political purpose. Snyder is quite a high profile intellectual in the United States.

Ivan Ilyin | Russia Insider News

Click the Donate button and support Open Culture. First, the thesis that Putin is pursuing an empire by means of war is highly debatable as a matter of fact.

Which Aksakov is Putin? This is an abuse of history.

He answered that the reason was “the weak, damaged self-respect” of Russians. Timothy Snyder is at it again. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This says the following: A Curious Reader says: Ilyin contributed to this with several lectures, the first of which was called “The Spiritual Sense of the War”. There are as follows: June 20, at 2: People will love it. He regarded this work not only as a study of Hegel but also as preparation for his own work on theory of law.

The authorities and nobility constantly misused their power, subverting the unity of the people.

Ivan Ilyin

After the terror attacks on Russian institutions — the Moscow theatre siege and the Beslan school massacre — Chechen separatism was used as a reason to bring first television and then regional governorships under state control. As the authors put it:. But it would be preposterous to call all the legal scholars who cite him fascists.


But there is also the Konstantin Aksakov who was something close to an anarchist. There is the Konstantin Aksakov who supported centralized state power.

Ivan Ilyin – Wikipedia

To do that he has to distort the past to make it fit his purpose. He proposes that Putin is of more philosophical bent than commonly imagined.

First, develop a clear overall thesis which fits with the current zeitgeist. They must acknowledge their guilt. His father, Alexander Ivanovich Ilyin, had been born and spent his childhood in the Grand Kremlin Palace since Ilyin’s grandfather had served as the commandant of the Palace.

The New York Times. As far as I can tell, this was the first article anybody anywhere wrote linking the two men. Martin Heidegger was one of the most influential philosophers of the twentieth century, but he was also at one point a member of the Nazi Party.

Russian TV and social media would create a climate in which news became entertainment, and nothing would quite seem factual. The result is misleading.

In Ilyin graduated with a law degree, and from he began working there as a scholar. What do you do?