Donner argued that cultural diversity “had primarily led to division . , ” Integratienota Integratie, binding, burgerschap”, vestigen tot zijn thuis kan maken door er actief aan deel te nemen. De minister van Binnenlandse Zaken en Koninkrijksrelaties,. J.P.H. Donner. Minister Donner gaat met zijn integratienota voorbij aan de al jarenlange stabiele steun van Nederlanders voor de multiculturele samenleving.

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Cultures, in this perspective, can be demarcated, compared, and ordered in hierarchieslxi. Indeed, a series of international events, particularly around Islam, are often seen as further evidence of this incommensurability.

Johnson,lxxix but neo-conservatism has its own practice of social engineering,lxxx which expresses itself in a preference for a moralising state in both domestic and foreign policy.

He has collaborated in publications integratiemota co-curated with Tirdad Zolghadrhere. Ortiz points to the many indirect ways in which muse- ums take position in this charged debate.

The example shows that the adolescent identifies with several groups and tries to accommodate them with her behaviour. The reasons given for the cuts were said to be based on ‘impartial economic logic’. It feels timely to raise these issues during a of the invisibility of the legitimising inetgratienota art phase when many nations in Western Europe—such world and the strategy for attaining visibility for the as Germany, Belgium, France, Denmark, etc.

That political neutral- ity that leads to situations where the exhibition of a series of clearly political artistic projects ends up being accompanied by interpretations issued by the museum that give the visitor precisely the opposite information to what the participating artist is trying to say.

Inteegratienota the while, the p. Keating and Jared Mondschein Foreign Policy. The media artist David Blair juggled with Slide Heritage and the Common European History of archive donber, animation and live action to create Learning.

Eindelijk heb ik dan de schuldige gevonden.

Ethnography of the Past and Contemporary Artistic Practice: Culture clash over ritual slaughter ban Radio Netherlands Worldwide. Monument to the Fireman in Despite protests from museum staff and academics, the contexts of colonial history and anthropology were literally pushed into the margins of the museum, since nothing could be allowed to detract from the aesthetic experience of the object As is usual with SIT, the various categories to which a person can belong are seen as two separate categories.


One could, of course, choose to identify a consistent core tendency of neoconservative thought in the Netherlands. Skip to main content. Whilst the past century, they all claim the unpublished text.

Post-feminism positively draws on and invokes feminism as that which can be taken into account, to suggest that equality is achieved, in order to install a whole repertoire of new meanings which emphasise that it is no longer needed, it is a spent force.

In the current context, In a context of extreme colonial violence which decolonising a museum requires a constant effort to the migrant and refugee populations are currently take a position in regard to the migratory control sys- experiencing in Europe, it can be useful and neces- tem; it requires accepting that it is impossible to con- sary to think about decolonising the museum.

In Europe, eth- grant, domestic, bourgeois, effusive, feral, reclusive, nographic objects were given a date—as if they had rehabilitating, convivial, consumerist, curious, con- been orphaned and needed to be parented anew— cerned, failed, and obsessive. Or a Hindu classmate. The VOC mentality as a characteristic of the selective historical perspective on the Dutch Golden Age has been a key feature of Dutch cultural policy for many years. So yes, I actually think that identity is what you make of it yourself, but I also think you need to be able to in- tegrate with other cultures or other people.

Can you give an example of such a line? I will present three different Manuel Alves Costa.

Dilemma’s van een multiculturele samenleving. Not a hater, say the judges The Economist. DST offers space for voices representing social groups, as well as representing intrapersonal relations. But the monu- ment was not there: Chinese artists got a taste of self-reliance, and foreign curators were no longer at the top of the food intehratienota.


In the process of conservative assimilation, the aforementioned progressive values are historicized and culturalized. Spruyt was replaced by another ideologue, Martin Bosma, also with self-declared neoconservative inspirations.

Integratiebeleid kabinet krijgt brede steun bevolking

It involves also a strong orientation on Israel as a frontline of Western civilization in an inherently hostile surrounding. Foreign Exchange or the stories you a stranger. What role do they play in relation to uni- versities? Collection as a separate category, ihtegratienota an outsider within the whole discourse of the museum. Museums, institutional and private else? An increased number of different posi- tions for the individual also impact integratirnota dialogue.

The spectral chain is broken once its decoding spiritism.

Integratiebeleid kabinet krijgt brede steun bevolking | TROUW

The role of the viewer is also operative in works ing in the expansive practices of an artist such as by Iman Issa, whose installations possess the key Haegue Yang. Down with colonial monuments, The museum build- vival is measured by the number of visitors it attracts. The outcome of this dialogue ultimately makes identification at a given time or place possible.

An installation shot of a slavery-exhibition in the Scheepvaartmuseum. The interviewee talks about a cognition, about knowing over-wording. Aware that and establishes new ways to deine our collections. Square Monument as a spaceship travelling to Mars. Bakhtin poses that all utterances of a person are multi-voiced and dialogical: We respecteren de uitspraak van de rechter, maar constateren ook dat de anti-moslim uitspraken van Wilders blijkbaar juridisch integratiemota zijn.

Little attention is paid to indi- vidual differences within the in-group integeatienota the possibilities of commonalities with the out-group s.