Ilija Garašanin: Ilija Garašanin, statesman and administrator of Serbia who was twice In he wrote a memorandum entitled Nac̆ertanije (“Draft Plan”). Abstract: The draft of Serbian foreign policy, written by Ilija Garasanin, still provokes In appendix is the new translation of Nacertanije by the author. An English translation is also available in P. N. Hehn, “The Origins of Modern Pan-Serbianism – The Nacertanije of Ilija Garasanin: An Analysis and.

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XXV-1, Belgradepp. Prime Ministers of Serbia. Garasanin was the first to write a Serbian national programme, Nacertanijethat envisioned an independent Serbian state. Hadzic or someone of the same calibre. In fact, in the first part of the document he made clear that the plan referred to the Serbs inhabiting the Ottoman lands, while in the second part of the plan he mentioned the Serbs of Croatia, Slavonia and Dalmatia as well.

Abstract This paper analyses the national thought and policies of Ilija Garasanin. Iljja internal order of the small Serbian Principality under the hereditary Obrenovic dynasty, although formally established by way of four Ottoman Hatti-sherifswas no less dependent on the will of the suzerain court than on the influence of the European powers that dominated the Balkans. Central University Press publishes books on the political philosophy and practices of open society, history, legal studies, nationalism, human rights, conflict resolution, gender studies, Jewish studies economics, medieval studies, literature, and international relations.


Ilija Garašanin

This obligation cannot be sufficiently emphasized. Zach took Czartoryski’s Conseils as the basis for his Planbut he devoted a separate section to Croatia. Pavlovic, “Srpski studenti u Parizu “, Istorijski casopisvol. Our editors will review what you’ve submitted, and nacsrtanije it meets our criteria, we’ll add it to the article.

Of this great idea. Garasanin discussed the Plan with other Constitutionalists and with his political advisors. In his Paris office Czartoryski also received a group of Serbian students – the first generation of state scholarship holders sent to study in France in XIX, Beogradp.

Taking advantage of the Anglo-Russian rivalry, he tried to secure his position and to exclude Serbia from Russia’s further plans nacertanij the Balkans. Speaking to the Illyrians about the fate of Bosnia-Herzegovina, the Ottoman province where the Serbs were the most numerous ethnic group, Zach concluded that Bosnia should be annexed to Serbia.

Buy Print version amazon. He got acquainted with the Serbian question during Karadjordje’s uprising.



Vukicevic, “Program spoljne politike Srbije na koncu Zach’s Planalthough imbued with an idealistic view of Slavism and South Slavic co-operation, seemingly alien to the views of the Constitutionalists, still had certain common ground with Serbia’s political traditions.

Serbia must do something for Bulgaria because love and help need to be mutual. His dismissal caused energetic protests of Russia, and more especially by the assassination of Prince Michael a nacertanike months later 10 June Please try again later.

For this reason, Nacertanije is primarily a convincing testimony to the acceptance of liberal principles in the struggle for national rights. But although dismissed, his personal influence in the country secured the neutrality of Serbia during the Crimean War. We do not wish to comment extensively on this subject, but shall limit ourselves merely to observe that Austria and Russia must play the principal roles in gsrasanin event since they are neighbouring and contiguous powers.

For the memory of the historical past probably survives in no European nation in such a way as it does with the Slavs of Turkey, naceranije even to the present day retain a vivid and faithful recollection of almost all glorious men and events of their history.

Email this article Login required. We have discussed and demonstrated here why Serbian policy is not able to agree with Russian; however, it must be said that with no other could Serbia attain her aim easier than through an agreement with Russia; but this can occur only when Russia would agree to accept completely and absolutely the conditions of Serbia through which the aforermentioned intention, that is, her future in a broad sense, would be assured.

Meanwhile, he helped to create the first Balkan League by negotiating alliances with MontenegroGreeceand Romania Although illiterate, Prince Milos was able to understand that the precondition for Serbia’s free development was to cast off any form of external dependence, even dependence on Russia, though the latter belonged to the same language group and had the same religion.

Feel free to give our address: On the internal plane, he proposed a series of concrete measures, laying emphasis on the importance of administrative reforms and educational work, which he considered to be extremely important for the awakening of national self-consciousness For the present, the only route possible is the one which leads through Skadar [Scutari] to Ulcinj.

Smith, National IdentityLondon, Penguinpp. Nacertanije was compatible with the linguistic model of Vuk Stefanovic Karadzic. From historicism, mixed with German concept of nation basing on linguistic and cultural unity, there emerged Jacobin model of the nation-state as the articulation of the national revolution’s goals: But it is to be hoped that despite all hostile influence of Austria this improper attitude will be changed in time and improved insomuch as the Principality of Serbia shall keep proving itself to be well organized, strong, just and enlightened state.


Through Ilija Garasanin’s son, Milutin Garasanin, the leader of the conservatives – Progressive Party Napredna stranka in Serbia, his closest party associates were also acquainted with the contents of Nacertanije. The desire to reunite the Serbs into a renewed empire was a programme that sprang from the messages of history, the programme which all the Serbian leaders, from Karadjordje to Milos Obrenovic, took as their starting point, as a national aspiration that went without saying, regardless of the fact that it was unachievable in the existing circumstances.

Urquhart], England and Russia: Austria cannot now do otherwise than to assist her and seek something for herself, as she did at the partition of Poland. The Serbs were the first, of all the Slavs of Turkey, to struggle for their freedom with their own resources and strength; therefore, they have the first and foremost right to further direct this endeavour.

[Projekat Rastko] Dusan T. Batakovic: Ilija Garasanin’s Nacertanije: A Reassesment

But the model was a suitable one in that it did unite and ensure some measure of order and stability. Thank You for Your Nacertanoje Without this principle which is the very embodiment of state unity, an enduring and permanent state union between Serbia and her neighbours is unthinkable. A Czech born in Moravia, Zach was the ardent advocate of Slavic solidarity.

The national movement of the Nacerranije, which included a narrow stratum of intellectuals and aristocracy, was not clearly defined yet. In his letter to Prince Alexander on September 16, Czartoryski wrote: It was as early as that Czartoryski, in the capacity of Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs, learned from Arsenije Gagovic, an Orthodox Church dignitary from Herzegovina, about the plans of the Serbs to get rid of the Ottoman yoke and restore the state they had lost in fifteenth century.

Central European University Press Briefly: