Altair provides comprehensive software support via web FAQs, tutorials, training OS. Version. Architecture. GUI Products. Solvers. Windows. 7//10 x86_ 10 HMD Introduction HyperWorks Proprietary Information of Altair Engineering, Inc Chapter 1: Basics HyperMesh Desktop Changing the Start-in Directory. while OK changes the representation of your scene and closes the Customize View Detail window. Wireframe resolution: 4. Wireframe resolution:

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Altair HyperMesh was used for finite element preprocessing mesh generation, with Altair HyperView providing post-processing and visualization solutions.

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Pick the displayed surfaces. The element normals are displayed using colors. Go to the QI optimize sub-panel. Note how the mesh size varies depending on surfaces curvature. Enter 5 for the element size. The following options are available by clicking on the plate edit Providing Designers Easy Access to Powerful Simulation Tools Brompton Bicycle discuss the benefits they have seen from moving away from simulation in their CAD system to a more powerful and flexible system from Altair.

You can also delete an entire model database, if you wish to start with a clean database. HyperMesh will not do this to elements selected in the fixed selection. Additionally, you may need to use use this selector to specify any “target” surfaces, particularly if you use the cross extension option described below. Complex geometry is broken down into simple shapes elements in the act of meshing. FEKO has been applied extensively in both commercial marine and naval applications to solve a wide range of EMC problems including antenna coupling and co-site interference analysis, cable coupling and radiation analysis and radiation hazard RADHAZ zone analysis.


This video gives a short introduction to the project. Most of the popular CAD packages are read directly, and for those that are not, HyperMesh supports the popular intermediate languages. Automatic 2D Meshing 1. When using the surfs: Edges will only extend toward surfaces that are also selected, even if those additional surfaces have no extending edges. In the graphics area, click any surface.

During his keynote, Prof.

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This will guarantee the edge fillet is selected. Click near a node Note the small square moves to the node selected and becomes the new center of rotation.

In addition, the efforts being made by ClassNK, one of the world’s largest classification societies, to use digitalization to ensure ship safety will be also introduced.

If you are unsatisfied with the midsurface that was generated from the green side and want the midsurface to be offset from the blue side, click switch sides. The elements will be created on the mid-plane of the part.

These results are stored in a file that then can be read in HyperView in the Post-Processing stage. You will see that the quality of the mesh has improved drastically. Each element is assigned a penalty depending on where they tktorial and is assigned the corresponding element Q. An algorithm determines the plate type for the group of surfaces that has a midsurface inserted between them.

Why do companies constantly come out with exciting innovations while others have great difficulty? The Free boundary faces option affects those faces of tetra elements which are on the tutorila of the volume, meaning the tetra faces which have only one tetra attached.


On the Visualization toolbar, set the geometry display mode to Mixed 3. Geometry Exercise 2d – Midsurfacing with Advanced extraction options This exercise includes CAD geometry data for a box with thin ribs inside of it. The midsurface in-progress that you can modify by re-assigning the targets. This is the ratio of the longest edge of an element to either its shortest edge or the shortest distance from a corner node to the opposing edge “height to closest node”.

Save the model, if desired. Surface edges to suppress by toggling 3. It can be accessed using the icon and will open the panel shown below. Flux embeds its own pre-preprocessing tools but designers sometimes need to deal with complex 3D geometries generated by their CAD team. Free edges are normally found around the outer perimeter of a part or around openings within the part. With the comps selector active, select one element from the graphics area to select the component.

All other marks are the property of their respective owners. Mabe Mabe is a Mexico-based international appliance company designing, producing and distributing a wide spectrum of home appliances such as washing machines, dryers, cooking ranges, refrigerators, air-conditioners, microwaves, etc.

As that is the case, the mesh created on the surfaces needs to lie at the mid-plane of the part. Altair ESAComp is used from preliminary and detailed design phases to advanced analyses for the final design verification.

Activate the equiv free edges only check box.