Cement based re enforcing tile backer boards. Hardie backer is highly water and mould resistant. Hardie Back and Hardie Backer are BBA Approved. Flexural strength: 14 MPa (HardieBacker® ), 12 MPa (HardieBacker® ). Maximum tile weight: kg/m², consult manufacturer’s technical department for . HardieBacker® cement board is a unique, cement based water resistant tile backerboard that can be used on walls, HardieBacker® Cement Board.

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This creates a dimensionally stable product, essential for good tiling.

Proper tile cleaning and grout and sponges are designed to be highly absorbent so that they clean and hold onto the moisture and excess grout without depositing either of them back on to the tiles. The boards are further fastened with stainless steel screws, placed mm from the bottom and top edges and 50mm from the right and left ones.

I rang up to see if I could get any discount for boards, the sales team told me they were the cheapest online and there was no further discount.

Hardiebacker Cement Floor Board 6mm | Water Resistant | Tile and Stone Backerboard

Potential health effects and symptoms associated with mould exposure may include allergic reactions, asthma and other respiratory complaints. My Basket Super Policed Marfi 60x60cm Again, a 50mm alkaline resistant Fibatape should be embed across the joints prior to applying the tiles, so it leaves a mm wide joint.


It provides the best bonding surface for cement based tile adhesive. Portland Cement, ground sand, cellulose and selected attitives. Well made with no variations or imperfections. Website created by Extreme Creations.

Hardie Backer Tile Backer Boards

Hydro Insulated Tilebacker Board 6mm x mm x. We’re here to help A straight edge can be used to score the board, when the board is pulled upwards so it snaps. For assistance, please call: This is just a perfect product with all the great features. Hardie Backer tiling boards provide the greatest flexural and compressive strength available, while also offering MouldBlock Technology.

It contains no paper facing which can be a food source for mould, or gypsum, which can disintegrate when wet.

Suitable for vinyl, natural stone and ceramic tiles substrate, especially designed for floors and countertops, though it can be used on masonry walls. We’re here to help Search: Easy to score and snap. The hardiebadker need to be applied onto a clean and flat subfloor, why any damaged, warped or loose parts need to be repaired or replaced.


The How-To-Tips are a step by step guide ensuring that what ever tiling job that you hardiebqcker, you do the best job possible. Once the desired hole size is scored, the weak point within the circle centre should be tapped out with a hammer.

You must be logged in to post a question. The back of the board should be covered with high strength cartridge adhesive and pressed firmly onto the wall.

Hardie Backer Board 12mm x mm x. Cement based re-enforcing tile backer boards.

6mm Hardiebacker 250 Cement Floor Board

Customer Information Contact Us Recruitment. Hydro Insulated Tilebacker Board Obviously snaps much more easily than the 12MM board, therefore requiring less scoring. Highest flexibility and up to 3x the compressive strength of competitive boards.

The boards 6mm hardiegacker helps minimizing transition between floors and can be installed in combination with underfloor heating. Particularly suitable for tiling around baths, wetrooms, showers and in kitchens. Hydro Insulated Tilebacker Board 20mm x mm x.