Presents the span of control formulas created by V A Graicunas. PDF | On, Fred Nickols and others published The Span of Control and the Formulas of V.A. Graicunas thought the theoretical evidence in favor of limiting the span of. control .. A Control Theory View of Human Behavior and Performance. Span of control is the term now used more commonly in business management, particularly Theories about the optimum span of control go back to V. A. Graicunas. In he used assumptions about mental capacity and attention span to.

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What is Functional Authority?

Span of control refers to the number of subordinates a supervisor has. The current graicknas to self-directed cross-functional teams and other forms of non-hierarchical structures, have made the concept of span of control less important.

As Graicunas noted, this was “an increase in complexity of per cent in return for a 20 per cent increase in working capacity. That was made possible primarily by the development of inexpensive information technology.

The figures from the table cited above were for contfol maximum case. In all cases, Urwick pointed out, the benefits of flattening the organization, forcing authority and initiative downward, and reducing the overhead costs of management had to be weighed against the costs of confusion and indecision that accompany a span of control that is too broad. Retrieved from ” https: Views Read Edit View history. Firstly, it depends on the capabilities of the organizational members, managers and workers.

In spite of numerous attempts since then, no convincing theories have been presented. Inhe published a paper called “Relationship in Organisation.

He was first to add a managerial perspective to the problem of organizational governance. This is because the optimum span of control depends on numerous variables including organizational structure, available technology, the functions being performed, and the competencies of the manager as well as staff.


Span of control

Graicunas did in fact survive the war but was arrested by the Russians in and died in a Russian prison. Meaning Organising or Organizing in management refers to the relationship between people, work and resources used to ac Thus Graicunas cautioned any executive seeking to add a fifth directly reporting subordinate to consider the fact that this would add 20 new relationships for himself graaicunas nine for each of his current colleagues.

Sixth, the existence in seemingly well-run organizations of spans of control larger than the five or six recommended by Graicunas and Urwick invalidates the concept of limiting the span of control. Fourth is a commendable desire to shorten the chain of command. Consequently, for a long time, finding the optimum span of control has been a major challenge to organization design. Graicunas Theory of Span of Control Vytautas Andrius Graiciunas was a Lithuanian french management consultant, management theorist and engineer.

In the s corporate leaders flattened many organizational structures causing average spans to move closer to 1-to The first to develop a more general theory of management was Henri Fayolwho had gathered empirical experience during his time as general manager of a coal and steel company, the Commentary-Fourchambault Company.

Span of control – Wikipedia

These figures were tempered with considerations of the scope and scale of the work involved and for which the subordinate was responsible. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

There are instead several factors influencing the balance between the desired level of control, and the manageability of the organization. That classic in the management literature was edited graicunaa Luther Gulick and Lyndall F.

According to this assumption, they considered the opportunity of having access to a supervising manager would be sufficient to satisfy the need for control in standard situations.

Fayol proposed that subordinate employees should be allowed to communicate directly with each other, given that their superiors had agreed upon this procedure. By using Graicunas formula, we can find out the number theor relationships rif the number of subordinates n is given. Third is the pressure to reduce the costs of management overhead.


The Span of Control – the formulas of V A Graicunas

Thus, there is a possible trade-off to be made if an attempt to balance these possibly opposing tendencies. For one thing, he cited the limited span of attention, which was then exemplified by research suggesting people could deal with no more than six digits. When a particular amount is raised t Second, is the tendency to build empires.

This principle became known under the name of Fayol’s bridge. His seminal paper was first published in the March issue of The Bulletin of the International Management Institute and was reprinted in in Papers on the Science of Administration. Graicunas Theory of Span of Control – Example and Often, he claimed, the latter outweighed the former. Graicunas went on from this very simple case to create a table depicting the number of relationships for up to 12 thwory.

In January ofI had occasion to post to an HR list a comment about span of control and the formulas of V. That is, one fontrol supervised four employees on average. The total number of relationships would increase by 56, going from 44 to The fundamental question, of course, was and still is how many is too many?

As Mackenziep describes it:. Vytautas Andrius Graiciunas was a Lithuanian french management consultant, management theorist and engineer. Newer Posts Older Posts Home. In the hierarchical business organization of some time in the past it was not uncommon to see average spans of 1-to-4 or even less. It was assumed, that no manager would be capable of supervising more than direct subordinates.