The Gossen Digiflash 2 Light Meter is an ideal enhancement for minimalistic, but nevertheless demanding photographers. This meter exp. The Gossen DigiFlash is a hand held exposure meter. This is an hybrid designed meter because it features a digital display with measurements. Gossen also makes this same meter with the ability to measure flash, called the Gossen Digiflash. The version discussed here only measures continuous light.

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Digiflash Light Meter 2 is rated 4.

Gossen Digiflash flash exposure meter

Gossen Digiflash Light Meter 2. This meter disappears in my hand. I too am pleased with my Digiflash. The price it is selling for in spring of is a little higher than I would have liked for the meter’s useful functions, but still far better than other offerings on the market.

Gossen Digiflash Exposure Meter

Does its small diffusor give enough precision with incident metering? Is it robust enough? Discussion in ‘ Miscellaneous Equipment ‘ started by eumeniusDec 28, Rated 5 out of 5 goxsen Patrick N. Is it precise and sensitive enough?


Gossen Digiflash User Manual | 20 pages

Took all of about 5 minutes to calibrate it. For further details see delivery estimates in cart. Wow, incident light digoflash, reflective light meter AND flash meter with such a small size. Ordering Gossen Digiflash Exposure Meter from Gossen manufacturer estimated delivery time usually is 4 – 10 days. You must log in or sign up to reply here. We can help to configure, calibrate or install software on Gossen Exposure Meters.

Gossen Digiflash User Manual

This meter is simple, but to the point that it actually has more features than it should. Rated 5 out of 5 by Harmenthys from Smaller than I imagined! See the links below for some observations in shooting under ballasted lights, flourescent and HID lamps that cycle on and off rapidly. That value is then placed precisely under the red indicator.

But I’m fine diguflash that. I own two other larger meters, a Minolta IV and a Pentax digital spot.

Your request is sent! Rated 5 out of 5 by Rachelle from Wonderful! Gossen Digiflash 2 overview.

I loved the form factor and the ability to see lots of exposure combinations all at once – and the Digiflash fit that. Idea for my needs. With this mark I agree to save my e-mail in Master Foto database and receive message if that product added to rent. I always put it in the bag or a pocket, something I rarely did with the Luna Pro F because of bulk.


Is there something really sinister in this small piece of hi-tech? Please Enter Email Address so we can send notification, if that product become available for rent Email address to send notification if product added to rent: Please enter rental fees You would like to pay to rent this product.

Well, may I use it with my LF gear and slide film, too an especially stupid question? Please Enter Email Address so we can send notification, if that product become available diigiflash rent. Better to use rules of thumb in most cases. Photos are perfectly exposed, even for flash! Update Unrecognized Zip Code.

Dec 28, 4. Nice tactile touch to the dial and buttons. I hadn’t realised how diminutive it is.