Taking it down a whole ‘nother level, Will and Chester journey to the center of the earth in FREEFALL. By the authors of the NEW YORK TIMES Bestseller. Freefall [Roderick Gordon, Brian Williams] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. After DEEPER, can the TUNNELS adventure be any more. Freefall (Tunnels: Book 3). Roderick Gordon and Brian Williams Will Burrows and his gang are far from finished as they free-fall down a subterranean pore.

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Elliott explains that her father was a Limiter and her mother was a Colonist. While there they eat wolf, and Eliiott and Chester catch up on what is happening.

Freefall (Tunnels: Book 3)

Didn’t dislike the book, but certainly didn’t love it either. Will appears to give her the benefit of the doubt, but Chester and Martha are highly skeptical. His ignorance was killing me.

It wasn’t the way I would have hoped the book to end, I was expecting a bit more than just some “n I really enjoyed reading this book. Drake is saved by a mystery figure who drags him from his van before the Styx can get to him.

Freefall | Tunnels Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

They have camped at a pit head, which has a pool and metal hut. Now I can’t just stop reading this series here. Terutama istilah-istilah seperti Pore, Deeps, Topsoil, Colony, dll.

It is very exciting and funny, and there is something really neat about the whole ‘underground’ concept. There, they met another survivor named Martha. In the ensuing explosion Will makes off with the phials.


FreeFall (Tunnels, book 3) by Roderick Gordon and Brian Williams

I am getting the fourth book in 12 days, exactly, and it is driving me crazy! After days of exploring they stumble upon the Underground Harbora deep-level fallout shelter from the Cold War. This series is really good. Having been mortally wounded, Will’s biological mother used her last moments to knock the Rebecca twins into the Pore as well, and with them, the vials of the deadly Dominion virus. Now I have to wait for the next book to finish the story! They end up discovering the Crystal Belt, a zero-gravity belt at the Earth’s center with massive triboluminescent crystals.

Not going to read any more of the series. Elliot’s and Chester’s personalities look more authentic as well. Roderick Gordon is the author of the Tunnels series of books. The task of moving through the passages with the burden of Elliott and their equipment is made easier thanks to the reduced gravity at this depth in the Earth. May 03, Martha rated it really liked it.

Deskripsi yang terlalu mendetail malah tak nempel di benak. Views Read Edit View history. After intense media interest around its launch, Tunnels was published in almost forty countries and was a New York Times Bestseller, achieving sales of more than a million copies worldwide.

In conclusion, The book Freefall by Roderick Gordon is an unexpected action packed thriller The book is action packed because the characters have to go through dangerous places while being hunted by dangerous people. It seems as though they are finally safe from the Styx until Elliott spots some footprints. While there, she can tend to Elliott and protect the two boys.


Meanwhile, the Rebecca twins, who were pushed into the Pore by Sarah Jerome in her last dying act, are aware that Will is alive, and begin to plot against him with two Styx Special Forces soldiers, called Limiters.

Refresh and try again. The books in the TUNNELS series are long, and with the shifting points of view, sometimes can frustrate me when I have to leave a character in the middle of a dangerous situation to delve into another character’s mind and situation, only to leave them and go to yet another. The whole story looks right and almost authentic I even came to think that the authors were probably Will and Chester!

She has returned to Highfield where she is kept under close surveillance by the Styx and their agents. Science Fiction Subterranean fiction Lost World. After Elliott sets an ambush to deal with the Styx for once and for all, Will disobeys her and sneaks in to retrieve the Dominion phials.

Though it may frustrate me at times, it doesn’t keep me from reading and wanting more. Drake makes it back to the Colony, but finds the Styx Division is burning the Rookeries the poor ghetto and killing its residents. Burrows to a house to rest.