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Terms to qualify an indicator came from the FD X norm [22] and from categories of healthcare quality measures defined by the Agency for Healthcare. 50) Steuerpflichtige, der, in Elsass-Lothringen. Stierll, G. L., Zucbt- Polizei-Gesetz u. peinliches Straf-Gesetz f. d. Kanton Aargau. (X, S) Wien . 25 12 00 1 10 50 50 51 4 04 1 85 50 50 50 68 85 Compass re|>airs Canvas, 50e. ; lx>x straps, 75c Box for plane, 60c. ; wire, 25c 31 days at $ Horse keep do 40c Lixing allowance, F. D. Ingall, days at .

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The structures of some trifluoromethyl derivatives of group 6. A theory of the electrical double layer and the interpretation of differential capacity curves.

The reduction of some nitro-compounds at a stirred mercury surface. The heats of ffd of manganous orthosilicate and manganous sulphide. The melting of gallium. The adsorption of constituent ions on freshly prepared sols of silver iodide. A study of boehmite formation on aluminium surfaces by electron diffraction. Directed valency in elements of the first and second short periods. Vibrations and force constants of phosphorus. The kinetics of sodium-hydrogen exchange on a monofunctional cation exchange resin containing carboxyl groups.


Indicateurs et Tableaux de bord by Loic Leofold on Prezi

Dielectric properties of some symmetric mono-ketones at room temperature. The ionization potentials of some paraffinic molecules.

A volmuetric calorimeter for heats of immersion of solids in liquid nitrogen. Dependence of the polarization of the fluorescence on the concentration. The degradation of polymethacrylic acid by X-rays. The position of the hydrogen atom in a hydrogen bond from nuclear magnetic resonance spectra of hydrazine fluoride.

Thermodynamic functions for self-ionization in carboxylic acids.

Transactions Of The Faraday Society

Harris and Berni J. Salting-out by a second nitrate. The force constants and bond lengths of 50-1771 inorganic hexafluorides. The solubilities of sparingly soluble salts in water.

The thermal decomposition of silver oxide. The structures of the trifluoromethyl halides. Vapour phase reactions and the duhem-Margules equation with some reference to nitric acid.

The structures of some trifluoromethyl derivatives of group 5. The effect of solvents on the ionization of organic td. Fluorescence quenching in solution and in the vapour state.


A paradox relating to bimolecular reactions. The ionization and dissociation of methyl radicals on electron impact. The electrical conductivity of analcite and ion-exchanged forms of analcite and chabazite.

Transactions Of The Faraday Society. The osmotic pressure of solutions of trypsin and trypsin compounds. Prev Page 1 of 3 Next. Some glycollates in water. Matthews, Erwin Chargaff, P. Transactions of the Faraday Society was published from – Adiabatic correlations for the formation of methyl ions from methane and its derivatives by electron impact. The anodic behaviour of copper in caustic soda solutions.

The explosion and decomposition of methyl nitrate in the gas phase. The adsorption of gases on nickel oxide.