Official website of Claudia Gray, New York Times Bestselling Author of YA novels , including BALTHAZAR, FATEFUL, the EVERNIGHT series. Evernight (Evernight, Book 1) (English Edition) di [Gray, Claudia . Soon Bianca discovers she could never fit in with the Evernight students – they’re just too. Stargazer (Evernight, Book 2) (English Edition) di [Gray, Claudia The second novel in the internationally bestselling EVERNIGHT series – a vampire romance .

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Fans of EVERNIGHT will be delighted with this sequel, which offers the same passionate romance and Gothic mystery as the first book, combined with intriguing new characters and conflicts. That was probably the most frustrating part of the book. Apparently the second book is better than the first. The scenes with Bianca and Lucas were fiery and compelling, yet also somehow lacking – most likely because there wasn’t enough outside their chemistry to support them.

The last or so pages of the book were excruciating and at one point I felt like closing the book for good; however, I persevered and was glad I did for the last few pages.

We get to see them both being there for each other during tough times. I thought the Hunger Games were intense, but that was a walk in the park in comparison. So don’t even bother to read this review unless you like teen vampire novels. With its huge towers, gargoyles and Gothic architecture, the old school intimidates her as much as the principal, Mrs Bethany, does.

Even if it means sneaking around the school trying to discover the secret Lucas’s family so desperately wants to discover. Bianca becomes quite taken with a fellow student who doesn’t seem to fit into the academy Lucas. Finally, I was impressed with where Gray took the series. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. And the things they say to each other border on being cheesy. Lucas explains everything and they promise to keep their secret.


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I was really torn between giving this book 3 or 4 stars but in the end settled for 4 coz i really did enjoy it. She isn’t a vampire that has been around for centuries, claucia really is just a teenager. Raquel – Bianca’s roommate who came with during the flee from the Evernight raid. Parties are broken up, there are curfews, lots of rules, classes like normal high school kids would get history, chemistry, english, etc.

Claudia Gray – Wikipedia

The cell moves to NY for safety. Some of her fellow students are also hundreds of years old some are well over years old. The humans of Genesis have fought Earth’s robotic “mech” armies for decades with no end in sight.

Her character is just so I can’t wait for the clakdia book. Hardcoverpages.

All the books with vampires from that time are just the same. The ask them to join and Bianca is trapped into a yes. To me fvernight was just a silly infatuated boy ruled by his hormones and I felt like neither Bianca or Lucas spent enough time together to truly like each other.

This goes on the whole book and no one is none the wiser about Bianca being a born vampire. Non disponibile per l’acquisto. I did my fair share of eye-rolling at the beginning and towards the middle and at the end. Lucas is a bit more of a mystery. Lucas is on a mission to uncover the secret behind Evernight Academy — but he has his own secrets, and so does Bianca. She soon meets her other classmates who are full of themselves except for a few, the ones that made this story actually worth something, Lucas, Balthazar, Rachel and Vic.


View all 14 comments. I ended up really enjoying this book. He was kind and smart and already a vampire. Bianca continues to struggle to take evernitht of her destiny, balancing strength and vulnerability. Bianca was so naive. Well the reason why she doesn’t fit in is because all of them are dl, well she is one also but she was born one and she fell in love with someone who’s she’s not supposed evernighg.

Right off the bat, things are not easy for Bianca. Bethany also became one of my surprise favourite characters; she is super scary and kinda awesome all dvernight one.

View all 5 comments. It made NO sense that Bianca knew about the vampire thing all along.

Remember in my criticizing paragraph that I said some of the stuff in the first portion didn’t make much sense to me? I will talk about the plot, the characters and my favorite quote of the book. The twists, turns, struggles and climactic ending kept me riveted the entire time! Give me a piece of grayy

Jul 08, Arlene rated it du was amazing Shelves: I Kissed the Boy Next Door. But I guess it is no surprise that I was not in love with either of them.