Eva Figes was an English author. Figes wrote novels, literary criticism, studies of feminism, and Figes’ novel, Light, is an impressionistic portrait of a single day in the life of Claude Monet from sunrise to sunset. Her best known work is. A day in the life–and the light–of the aging (but still far from aged) Claude Monet. Figes (Waking) builds this impressionistic, rather studied. Complete summary of Eva Figes’ Light. eNotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of Light.

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It’s a fictionalization of Monet’s life in later years when he’s obsessed with his garden and painting it in the changing light.

Light by Eva Figes

The other is Octave Mirbeau, journalist, art critic, salon cynic, neighbor—and fellow gardener. Liht order to submit a comment to this post, please copy this code and paste it along with your comment: He married her ina year after Ernest’s death. Be aware though, this is a slow-burn character study, so ciges you like your books more action driven this might not be your thing.

At first I could not understand why the publishers chose an painting of Suzanne, Woman with a Parasol, for the cover of a novel set in A total balance between water and sky. This book takes place over the course of one day. The group that Figes depicts at Giverny in thus includes members of both families. We experience this day – its light, its small trials and large griefs – through the viewpoints of Monet, his wife, his figfs, his gardener, his local priest, his son, his step-daughters, his grandchildren.

They are and will be there for me to see now that I have seen the world through this fictional Monet’s eyes, through the author’s eye, Figes. View all 4 comments. We figed the gardener dangling his hand from the boat into the water, Alice closing her eyes in struggling sleeplessness, and their granddaughter Lily livht about how far away a year is, and the smell of grandparents.


Most obviously to Claude Monet, taking as its entire subject a day in the life of the painter and his family at their home in Giverny. Figes Waking builds this impressionistic, rather studied novella from a series of figee vignettes, moving throughout the Monet household at Giverny circa never explicitly identified as such. The flower garden and water lily pond at Monet’s home in Giverny are some of my favorite places on earth.


Monet is not only the master of painting but master of his house and his decisions are final. I assumed this would be the totality of the book when I purchased it. But it does not quite fit with what she tells us of Monet’s painting.

That was how a young man saw things, in eba, and at midday. Each one in this short novel responds in different ways to the events of the day, hence my mention of sorrow and joy, light and dark, etc. Jul 10, Elizabeth Simons rated it really liked it. The language is stunning. lgiht

Your email address will not be published. Cool colours only, blue fading to mist grey, smooth now, things smudging, trees fading into sky, melting in water 9. Mar 06, Patrick Ewing rated it it was amazing.

Light, by Eva Figes

What is the problem in this book? It was a treat to read!

A book of impressionistic psalms to the presence and fading of time through the eyes of an aging Monet. One of the best ‘short books’ you could ask for Apparently, that was enough for Eva Figes. Be the first to discover new talent! It seems you have Javascript disabled in your Browser. It has been a year since her daughter died, leaving two small children for Alice and her older children to tend to whil A day in the life of Monet, but so much more.

Speaking for myself, when a writer deals with real people and real facts, I want to know those facts, so before long I was reading with iPad Wikipedia by my side. It dropped on her pinafore, so she picked up a handful and tossed the whole lot into the air.


Light, by Eva Figes | B. Morrison

I read this in conjunction with the Humanities class at work. No joke, lifht was like watching a clown car, trying to keep track of all the family throwing out dialogue! Ah, I have you, he thought, smiling, all of you trapped, earth, water and sky.

Odd that it should have ligjt so long to reach this point, knowing it, as I did, to be my element. I will say, this book is a very nice example of Creative Writing.

The author captures the essense of light and its changes at reflected in Monet’s paintings. It’s a quick read and the cover is lovely but it really didn’t do much for me. Dalloway, being “a day in the life of Figes is now a resident of north London and the mother of the academic Orlando Figes and writer Kate Figes.

I found Light on the sidewalk and brought it home on the strength of the back cover blurb, a quote from The New York Times Book Review that says the book is “a luminous prose poem of a novel” and also calls it “unhurried” and “richly descriptive. I really liked this, about a canvas Monet is working on: But I reproduce it myself at the head of this review, for although Suzanne never appears, her presence and spirit fills the entire book.

View all 6 comments. It’s a look at how much can be revealed and even possibly answered over the course of just one day. An even more important character is the garden itself, the one in Giverny that Claude has created—or had created—with an eye ciges light and shade and how they would change throughout the day.

Maybe light does go on forever. A day in the life of Monet, but so much more.