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Built to produce photographic signage output at high every day production speeds up to ft2 per hour, the SureColor S is the ideal solution for print . The Epson SureColor™ SC-S is Epson’s first inch printer to support optional white and metallic ink simultaneously. It delivers the highest colour gamut.

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The SureColor SC-B is the world’s first original ink tank large format printer that delivers fast, cost effective and high quality printing. AC V Rated Frequency: The Epson SureColor SC-T series ensures that you are empowered to print what s706670 think with stunning quality and precision.

The plug-in provides an easy-to-use interface for easy print settings and one-touch printing. The print head is then automatically adjusted to allow production to continue while minimising print wastage.

Printing up to 64 inches wide, the Epson SureColor SC-S not only supports the use of white and metallic inks simultaneously but also offers the widest colour gamut for a wide variety of indoor and commercial applications.

Representing the next generation, the Epson Stylus Pro incorporates our latest technological achievements in professional photographic imaging. Ask about the Title Here. Epson Stylus Pro Representing the next generation, the Epson Stylus Pro incorporates our latest technological achievements in professional photographic imaging.

Power Off — Less than 0. Its dual print heads deliver fast print speeds of up to Production, Xpass: This magnificent machine is capable of handling virtually any media type; rolls or cut sheets up to 24 inches wide. Designed with the print needs of the commercial photography and fine art markets in mind, yet also representing a sound choice for the proofing market. Windows Vista or Windows XP bit. Easy Roll Media Loading. Its high-capacity ink tank system allows it to print 1, photos without a refill.


Margin — 5mm each side 10mm when using Media. Outer Diameter — Up to mm. For Interested Dealers or Resellers, go to our Dealership. Epson SureColor SC-S With its blazing fast performance, high reliability, durable and vibrant colour prints, the SureColor SC-S delivers superior results of up to 64 inches wide for a wide variety of indoor and outdoor commercial applications, all in the shortest possible time.

Transparent Media 1 Layer. The SL-D is designed for photo shops and photographers who want to print high quality photos and expand their printing business.

It delivers the highest colour gamut and details for the most demanding indoor and outdoor applications such as signs, posters, backlit panels, interior decorations and exhibition panels. Width — — The SC-S is built with a sturdy, ergonomic design with five smart s07670 to boost reliability and efficiency in busy work environments.

Epson SureColor SC-S70670

Production, X6-pass: Production, X8-pass: Reduce print wastage with a shortcut button on the control panel, which allows users to correct the paper feed while printing is in progress. Media tensioning can be controlled easily from front or back of the printer for speedier setup to s7070 productivity.


With MS, Xpass: Epson SureColor SC-F The SureColor SC-F is the world’s first original ink tank large format printer and Epson’s first textile printer that enables up to 17 hours of non-stop operation, which is ideal for commercial epsonn. Banner Media 1 Layer. The shortcut buttons allow easy access to frequently used functions, such as Maintenance, Heating and Drying.

High Quality, Xpass: The built-in sensors constantly monitor the printed image to detect any flaws resulting from nozzle clogging. The SureColor Epson T offers a range of value-added features that help lower total cost of ownership and increase productivity. The Epson Stylus Pro – a new generation of large format printers that deliver even higher levels of image and color quality, productivity and cost-effectiveness.

It utilizes a compilation of the most recent s7067 technologies to deliver superior quality photos, graphics, signage and fine art.

Wink Printer Solutions | Epson SureColor SC-S

Back-up Function for Custom Media Settings. The result is greater colour accuracy and consistency every time.

High Speed, Rpson4-pass: With the large and clear 2. With the jack at the rear, loading a new roll is an easy task. The colour model includes the option for white and metallic inks to increase versatility and scope for production, from simple signage to high-end displays and decor.