El Gesticulador [Rodolfo Usigli] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Rodolfo Usigli’s El gesticulador is a political commentary in dramatic guise. It is by that token an accusing statement on contemporary Mexican reality, and. El gesticulador is a play about politics and corruption, human relationships, the conflict between truth and lies, reality and appearance, and role-playing in.

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Apr 28, Jennifer Johnson rated it it was ok. The repetition of her self-loathing demonstrates the machista attitude in Mexico. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. She doesn’t consider herself pretty, but the author draws a lot of attention to her figure. Jimmy rated it it was amazing Mar 01, On the surface, there are two Cesar Rubios.

Estoy dispuesto gesticuador todo para asegurar tu porvenir. View all 7 comments.

‘El Gesticulador’ (The Impostor) to be performed in Spanish at Ethnic Cultural Theatre

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. July Learn how and when to remove this template message. I think these are allegorical of three parts of the Mexican Revolution. El gesticulador es una de las primeras tragedias hispanoamericanas. Alexis rated it really liked it Nov 16, Hector Torres rated it it was amazing Oct 05, To me, Usigli uses his le as symbols of the Mexic I enjoyed reading El gesticulador more than I thought I would.

El gesticulador

Views Rl Edit View history. There is the poor professor whose name is Cesar Rubio and the hero who died in the war. Rubio loses himself in his new identity, viewing it as an opportunity to renew the promise of the Revolution. Its debut was welcomed by the public, but drew hostility from the Mexican government, resulting in several performances being cancelled.


Este libro fue interesante, pero no is perfecto.

Rita Montes rated it it was amazing Mar 02, The play opens, and one of the first lines is Julia complaining that she is ugly. Books by Rodolfo Usigli.

Facebook Twitter Email Print. Es considerado el padre del teatro mexicano moderno.

There, a professor from Harvard University confuses him for a missing revolutionary hero with the same name. Oct 11, Guy Arcuri rated it really liked it. In summary, this story highlights the desperate and extensive efforts of one man, in the wake of the Mexican Revolution, attempting to elevate his status through a lie, to reinstate some of the goals of the revolutionaries as he runs for governor equalityand as a result, is not fully supported by his family and in the end, is assassinated.

Not from audiences who loved it but from politicians who probably saw too much of themselves in it and hired writers to publish scathing reviews. University of Washington Be boundless Connect with us: I was able to connect with him and understand his thought process behind the lie – which made it interesting to continue reading.

Feb 04, Evelyn rated it liked it. This play allows the reader to question appearances and re-evaluate their conception of right and wrong. Thanks for telling us about the problem.


‘El Gesticulador’ (The Impostor) to be performed in Spanish at Ethnic Cultural Theatre | UW News

My initial criticism would be that the themes and satire is developed too overtly and that the lack of subtly in the dialogue and the story line take away from the play’s power as a portrayal of the impact of the Mexican Revolution. One thing that stuck out to me was how Usigli addressed the idea of the Mexican “mask.

Although I enjoyed reading the book, I do not think that I would choose to read it again; however, that being said, I think it presents the revolution from an interesting perspective of identity and one’s possession of one’s self versus one’s nation.

Fue uno de los mexicanos con mayor sentido de universalidad. Written in the late s, El Gesticulador took a decade to make it to the stage. Jun 09, Liliana rated it really liked it. His legacy will live on because of those who believe in it, just like the Dl Revolution, while appearing to be a failure to some, lived on through those who believed in its purpose. This work therefore expresses those feelings in the form of a theatrical play lead by Rubio. gesticulaodr