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Buy B DANFOSS REFRIGERATION EKC D1, ller, I-pack the best price, fast worldwide shipping, up to 65% discount DANFOSS. EKC controllers can be used for a wide range of different refrigeration applications .. Regolatore per il controllo della temperatura – EKC D1, Literature. I need some help on this danfoss EKC D1. Its controlling a small freezer unit The set-point temperature is º The R1 seting is diferential is.

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S4 This connection is primarily used when refrigeration is controlled and there is a risk of a too low temperature near the products. It depends on whether an application or a room is to be controlled and whether defrost is to be stopped based on time or based on temperature.

Push the middle button again to freeze the value. Data communication The controller is available in several versions where data ekf can be carried out with one of the following systems: If you push the top button in this situation you can see 202d11 alarm report in the display. When there is an alarm all the light-emitting diodes LED will flash on the controller front panel, and the alarm relay will cut in.

Here are the messages that may appear: Push the rkc or the lower button and select the new value 5. EKC controllers can be used for a wide range of different refrigeration applications — from control of air temperatures and defrost to more advanced applications, including control of light and fans.

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Controller for temperature control – EKC 202D1 Manual

Evaporator Controls with Thermostatic Expansion Valves Thermostatic expansion valves used in traditional refrigeration systems and refrigeration appliances give some possibility of energy savings where injection of refrigerant liquid into the evaporator is controlled by the refrigerant superheat.

The controlling unit is the controller with a defrost diagram installed in t1-t6, tt Here the fans are kept operating during the defrost Electric: Refrigeration stopped by thermostat 11 S Regolatore per il controllo della temperatura – EKC D1. Compressor and Condenser Controls Electronic Controls: Copy from the programming key This function downloads a set of settings earlier saved in the controller.

If the function is used, access code 1 o05 must also be used. Push the upper or the lower button and select the new value 3. The possible functions are described in menus o02 and o An A kec will not be visible as long as there is an active E alarm. Faults in the controller EKC error E6: Fault in real-time clock.

Electronic Controls: Evaporator Controls with Thermostatic Expansion Valves – Documents

But before you change the value, you must have access to the menu. The emc function can thus be protected during a power failure. Communication error and timeout Fan delay — water attaches to the evaporator 15 S Forced cooling 30 S The application will determine whether either one or the other or both sensors are to be used.

All other outputs are Off. The function can only be used in 1: Delay on outputs during start-up 32 Other displays: The relay will cut in when defrost is in progress DO3: An open door will switch on the light and it will remain lit for two minutes after the door has been closed again.


Eic plugin controller AK-CC During defrost the defrost relay will be cut in. This function is not active during the following operating situations: This menu 202f1 only be set when regulation is stopped, i.

Controles de temperatura para muebles y cámaras frigoríficas – Documentos

Stop Temp Interval between defrost starts The function is zeroset and will start the timer function at each defrost start. Thermostat Set point Regulation is based on the set value plus a displacement, if applicable.

Danfoss Group Global English U. The function will be active after each and every power failure.

Regulator til temperaturstyring – AK-CC manual. Push the upper or the lower button and find that parameter you want to change 3. The alarm will not become active until the set time delay has been passed. By means of settings of this clock and times for the required defrost times, defrost can be started at fixed times of the day. Night time cover placed over Night appliance time cover detected Night time cover removed Removal of night time cover detected Example of temperature sequence Example of settings: Case cleaning 29 S Date setting t45 Clock: DO3 and DO4 are 8 A relays.

The function is used as a simple defrost start, or it may be used as a safeguard if the normal signal fails to appear.

Lower alarm limit Here you set when the alarm for low temperature is to start.