Born in Nebraska in Ed Ruscha grew up in the mid-west city of Oklahoma. Following an early interest in cartooning, Ruscha pursued a career in. Results 1 – 14 of 14 TwentySix Gasoline Stations by Ruscha, Edward (Photographer) and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at. Ruscha catalogue raisonnĂ© #B1. The artist’s first book. Ed Ruscha. Twentysix Gasoline Stations. [Third Edition]. Twentysix Gasoline Stations. 1 of 4.

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Printed Matter, Inc.

Dated in the foreword and dedicated to Patty Callahan, the book comprises twenty-six photographs of various dimensions and proportions; most are laid out on a single page with the text facing the image; some go across the double spread, a few are placed next to each other.

Pop art Artists’ books Conceptual art Books of photographs books. Artists Who Make Books: Views Read Edit View history. Thirty years later, with a quarter of a century of mainstream artworld activity between, the aspect of shock-effect and humor has diminished somewhat. I knew it would be photographs of twenty-six gasoline stations. The book was relatively cheap: Basket 0 Checkout Sign in.

The NY Times loves everything about our Freud book. Ed Ruscha is very much an artist who makes books. The book is covered with a semi-transparent glassine dust jacket for protection. All my books are identical.


A lot gasolinee critics have assigned a religious sub-text to the work, seeing a correlation between the gasoline stations and the 14 Stations of the Crosstraditionally the staging posts between Pilate’s condemnation and the burial of Christ after his crucifixion on Calvary. The title appears in red lettering on the cover and spine.

Archived copy as title link. They are simply a collection of ‘facts’, my book is more like a collection of readymades All it is is a device to disarm somebody with my particular message.

I have eliminated all text from my books- I want absolutely neutral material.

Twentysix Gasoline Stations

Gazoline Ruscha By offering only ‘technical data’ the artist lets us see something exceptional in pools, gas stations and baby photos. But in sic this work read against the photographic landscape of highly aestheticized image-making.

There are no cars visible in some of the photographs and almost all are taken from the other side of the highway.

Sign e Contact About. Get to know Tomi Ungerer in five images. Retrieved from ” https: It is almost worth the money to have the thrill of exactly identical books stacked in front of you. There is a connection between my work and my experience with religious icons, and the stations of the cross and the Church generally, but it’s in one of method, you know; I do have some rusca that come over, like the incense Each opening of the book reveals one or two photographs in varying but repeated layouts, with the photographs set in relatively large areas of white space.


In Miami this week?

Published in April [1] on his own imprint National Excelsior Press, [2] it stationz often considered to be the first modern artist’s book, [3] and has become famous as a precursor and a major influence on the emerging artist’s book culture, especially in America. All images reproduced in Artists Who Make Books.

No wigs required for this Warhol Xmas card! Who knows why these Agnes Martin paintings are hanging beside Navajo blankets? My pictures are not that interesting, nor the subject matter. The book is printed in black offset on white paper.

Edward Ruscha ‘Twentysix Gasoline Stations’ | Tate

Three images are taken at night, including one of Tucumcari, New Mexicothat appears to have been taken from a moving car. And we have lift off! It was subsequently republished in two unnumbered editions. But for three people walking across ruscba forecourt on the Sunset Stripa man getting out of his car at Flagstaff, Arizona and a man looking under his hood at LiptonArizonathere are no people present.