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The DS, DS, and DS12C real-time clocks (RTCs) are designed to be direct replacements for the DS and DS Data Sheet. Subscribe. DS datasheet, DS circuit, DS data sheet: DALLAS – Real Time Clock,alldatasheet, datasheet, Datasheet search site for Electronic Components . DS Datasheet, DS PDF, DS Data sheet, DS manual, DS pdf, DS, datenblatt, Electronics DS, alldatasheet, free, datasheet.

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Here Best Regards Emmanuel. If you have a multimeter test the voltage on pins 16 and 20 before and after. Without that webpage, I would never have thought of repairing it like that! These are intended for short-term use with strong charge and discharge intervals – not for long-term storage with a comparatively small discharge rate. The case is usually pretty much “solder-resistive” because of the anti-corrosion plating. You did a great job! Then the battery and xtal are placed atop of the chip, connected to the pins and everything is covered with a pretty rigid protective compound.

It won’t do it no good and may result in early death of that part due to excessive internal heating.


Note the battery holder! On January, 7th, Emmanuel Da Piedade emmanuel.

Care for the polarity! All described modifictions apply to this chip as well.

(PDF) DS1287 Datasheet download

The 0V-reading tells you that you successfully disconnected the battery. Worked like a charm and would like to thank you and I am very grateful I stumbled on your web site. The only things you need to do is: I discovered that the RTC chip was ss1287. Then circumstances kept me from working with it until now Have a look at the graphics below.

William Walsh ss1287 the DS-Rework to get an external battery to it as well. I just want to tell you that I succesfully used your DS rework How-to. For anyone who attempts this mod Thank you very much for putting this mod on your web site.

It sets too fast! Datashedt the battery is dead, configuration is lost after relatively short time again and you get error-codes constantly. Should work like a charm. I used a medium sized flat file Incidentally, my computer is an Compaq N, which seems to date from about On March, 23rd, Chris xrisl [at] yahoo.

DS1287 – DS1287 Real Time Clock Datasheet

A really new, fresh and unused chip is hard to get. I appreciate it greatly. Don’t use rechargeable batteries. I could not have gotten my Compaq DeskPro e back to clock life back dd1287 you! My old computer has been out of action for months, but this week I got datasneet going again by following the instructions on your webpage “Reworking the DS RTC chip”.


There are no provisions for one. It works like a champ!

I used an iron file that was about the exact width I needed and just slowly went back and forth fatasheet 50 times until I saw the metal and then used sandpaper the rest of the way. Even its successor DS is pretty hard to get and darn expensive.

Most likely you won’t get a wire soldered properly to it. At that point you wish you could add an external battery. Don’t ever solder directly on a coin-style Li-Cell. A couple weeks ago when I finally got around to hooking it up Attached the two wires to the exposed pins and put the new lithium cell in the holder.