Die Fledermaus: Libretto (G. Schirmer’s Collection of Opera Librettos) [Johann Strauss] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. (Opera). English . Like Die lustige Witwe, Die Fledermaus had a libretto based on a French comedy by Henri Meilhac, this time written in conjunction with his. Sheet Music – £ – The libretto to this famous Strauss operetta is presented in paperback format and is clearly laid out with the usual scene and stage.

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The things I see Most certainly Bewilder me. I am very glad to see you. There’ll be no merry meeting. Where all are kissing, I won’t be missing.

So — Without superfluous chatter. Someone has played a joke on us. And I will relent. Yes, it’s too entertaining.

Tightly sewn up in a thick brown skin, long claws, broad wings, and a yellow beak. Seventeen, eig’hteen, nineteen, twenty, Thirty, forty, fifty, sixty, eighty, hundred. I don’t care in the least. You make my mouth water. There’s a prize lawyer for you. I will give you a nice prescription for your sick old aunt! It helps to pass the night: Following the Palais-Royal production, Maximilian Steiner, co-director of the Theater an der Wien, ordered a German translation from the veteran playwright Carl Haffner.


Die Fledermaus (Libretto) – Strauss II, Johann (Jr)

Why, evening dress for gaol? First performance at the Theater an der Wien, Vienna, on 5th April Do tell, do tell us what’s occurred! My head’s bewildered quite! Yes, let us count — One, two, three, four. You see, I am not what I seem. The messenger particularly told me that Herr von Eisenstein wanted me. By clicking “Ok” or by continuing to use our website, you agree to cookies being set on your device as explained in our Privacy Policy.

Oh, please be quiet. Joy, I’m hoping, crowns my wooing.

Full text of “Die fledermaus : a comic operetta in three acts”

Who is this charming man? Just think what you’d miss, If with a gift like this You could not get an education, And through all your life You stayed in a situation.

There most politely I request, Dear Sir, your company ; Make up your mind to see it through, There’s nothing else to do. Yes, Sir, Arrest the Marquis!

Franks hat is rather battered, crushed well on to his head. I’m cross because with evidence Like yours you’ve simply no defence — Excuse if I’m oifending, I’ll remember I’m fledermaks. So you are still. Ridiculous, that man mistook Me just now lubretto a cook. My poor aunt, please Madam! I see many fond couples united, I see true love’s not unrequited ; So let us a great confraternity found, Be brothers and sisters all round. I like this Marquis immensely. Prince Alexander Orlofsky, our noble host.


Rosalinda Falke Orlofsky Chorus. Before we go any further I must tell you all about my national peculiarities. For one week be my favoured guest, Because, dear sir, your company.

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That is just what I was only too fond of. Shirking duty, Wooing beauty, Wicked man, it’s vain to try From my righteous wrath to fly! Well, what is it? He has particularly asked me to bring with me some nice young men pibretto town. I am not staggering, sir. I hope yoar Highness will allow me the pleasure of giving- you a surprise.

Sing, all, for pleasure — ha! Oh yes, she will. My birdcage is quite close at hand.

Welcome, in the name of His Highness. Oh, here’s some teal How lucky.