Delayed Monsoon By Chitralekha Paul You truly can never tell what’s going on in a woman’s heart or mind. At times, she’d be a wreck, and. Delayed Monsoon-Chitralekha Paul. Posted on 6 Jun A Calcutta University alumina, member of Supreme Court Bar Association, she is currently active in. All Access to Delayed Monsoon Chitralekha Paul PDF. Free Download Delayed Monsoon. Chitralekha Paul PDF or Read Delayed Monsoon.

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Her college-going daughter and her ever busy husband Nikhil have only a few moments to spare for her. It looks more like a re-collection of various highlights of xelayed life, at diff places with her husband getting transferred to a diff place every few years.

What I indeed loved about the book was the beautiful portrayal of the love between Abhilasha and Arvind. It ticks off a thought process inside you about how exactly we as individuals don’t have to necessarily choose between right and wrong, but sometimes both of it at the same time. Feels like she undergoes a metamorphosis of sorts.

Delayed Monsoon is the kind of book that refreshes your mind, rejuvenates your soul, and leaves you thinking and smiling at the same time. Mar 20, Shivani Mishra rated it really liked it. My belief – I believe in simplicity. There is no melodrama in this fiction.


It is more of an encapsulation of events in her life. Apr 12, Debjit rated it it was amazing. The fiction kept me so captivated that everything else faded from my mind and I was thinking about Abhilasha all the time. The writer takes us through various emotions which the protagonists have felt in different phases of her life.

Delayed Monsoon-Chitralekha Paul

An insight into the life of Abhilasho and her dilemmas, the seemingly ordinary incidents, but which are interwoven into a complex puzzle that she must solve. The writing is simple yet quite in-depth.

Delayed Monsoon is different from the usual love stories citralekha have now flooded the Its an awesome read!!! Safe and Secure Payments. This book is about the life of a girl name ‘Abhilasha’ and the various pauo that took place in her life from time to time.!!

From moving to different cities, to her experiences with people and life around her, to making friends over the internet to falling in love with Arvind, all the phases in her life are penned in detail.

Delayed Monsoon has a certain depth which will be appreciated by readers with a mature mental frame.

Delayed Monsoon by Chitralekha Paul

A story woven around the life of an Air Force officers wife with a glimpse into what goes on behind the closed gates, guarded by vigilant men in uniform. When are you giving us your next book? It’s the story of a lady who is just one among us. The theme of this novel is wonderful. Well, the story speaks about the life of the introvert Abhilasha.


The end brings in a bit of a surprise element, as some would say. Abhilasha, the mother of a grown up girl felt the same when she finally meets the love she had longed for. A union in the most unusual of circumstances and in the most unusual of places —the internet.

Delayed Monsoon | Chitralekha Paul | Vearsa | | E-Sentral Ebook Portal

Emotional happenings in the story is also written beautifully wheather its romance,heartbreaks, childbirth,causing of death,humanism etc. This is what the description on the cover says. They were not at all directly related to Abhilasha’s life story, which made it very boring in the middle. Overall, a good one-time read. After a prolonged dry spell, dark clouds loom over the horizon. I could relate to all her emotions; from deprivation to fulfillment, from pain to pleasure.

I would recommend it. But this conflict served as an impetus which pushed her to a new height. May 30, KS Selvakumar rated it liked it.