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Feb 23, To check if LBAC is enabled for your database, you can firstly check if you have any security policy defined in the database: db2 “select count(*). May 1, DB2 9’s newest data security control combats threats from the inside. LBAC is a new security feature that uses one or more security labels to. Dec 9, I’m focusing on LBAC at the row level in this post. db2 “create security label component reg_sec_comp tree (‘UNRESTRICTED’ ROOT.

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Two users accessing the same view might see different rows depending on their LBAC credentials. SQL for creating a table named corp. As sb2 can see, label-based access control LBAC provides a very powerful way to protect data from improper access or modification.

DB2 LUW: How to check if LBAC is enabled for my database? (Thoughts from Support)

You cannot protect columns in a table that has no security policy. Then you can use below query to check if LBAC is used to protect rows of data:.

Sanders president of Roger Sanders Enterprises Inc. Additionally you can use below query to check if there is any column protected by LBAC:. Users who are granted this authority are only allowed to perform the following tasks: SECADM authority allows designated users to configure LBAC elements that control access to xb2 containing restricted data that they most likely do not have access to themselves.

SQL statement to create a security label component. You can protect any number of the columns in a table but a column can be protected by no more than one security label. View the list of supported HTML tags you can use to style comments. Single tags These lba can be used alone and don’t need an ending tag.


Label-based access control (LBAC) overview

LBAC is flexible enough to let you set up anything from very complicated criteria, to a very simple system where each label represents either a “high” or a “low” level of trust. To delete a row that you are able to read, your LBAC credentials must also allow you to write to the row.

Related posts The Different Meanin Once you determine the security requirements, you can define the appropriate security policies and labels, create an LBAC-protected table or alter an existing table to add LBAC protectionand grant the proper security labels to the appropriate users. Security policies cannot be added to types of tables that cannot be protected by LBAC.

Data that is protected by a security label is called protected data. Specifically, a security policy identifies:.

The details of how this works are described in the topics about inserting and updating LBAC protected data. This cost depends on the type of security label chosen. This also automatically removes protection from all rows and all columns of the table.

Additionally you can use below query to check if there is any column protected by LBAC: We introduce you to Apple’s new Swift programming language, discuss the perils of being the third-most-popular mobile platform, revisit SQLite on Androidand much more!

Data in a table can lnac be protected by security labels that are part of the security policy protecting the table.

Database-Level Authority One problem with the traditional security methods DB2 uses is that security administrators and DBAs have access to sensitive data stored in the databases they oversee. If there isn’t any security policy defined in the database, then LBAC is not enabled for the tables of this database. After creating a security policy, a security administrator creates objects, called security labels that are part of that policy. SQL for granting security labels to appropriate users.


The name specified must be qualified with the security policy name that was used when the security label was created. Access to data labeled at a certain level for example, SECRET is restricted to users who have been granted that level of access or higher. UserName identifies the name of the user to which the security label is to be granted. In the case of updating a protected row, your LBAC credentials must also allow read access to the row. The protecting label will block some security labels and not block others.

Three types of security label components can exist:.

Protection of data using LBAC

A user, a role, or a group is allowed to hold security labels for multiple security policies at once. For example, the criterion can be whether the user is in a certain department, or whether they are working on a certain project. Deleting or dropping of LBAC protected data If your LBAC credentials do not allow you to read a row then it is as if that row does not exist for you so there is no way for you to delete it.

Once the security policy and labels needed to enforce your security requirements have been defined and a labc has been enabled for LBAC-protection, you must grant the proper security labels to the appropriate users and indicate whether they are to have read access, write access, or full access to data that is protected by that label.