Carl Trueman wrote The Creedal Imperative to address this question and its apparent tension in some people’s minds. His short answer is: no. Recent years have seen a number of high profile scholars converting to Roman Catholicism and Eastern Orthodoxy while a trend in the laity expresses an. The Creedal Imperative, by Carl R. Trueman. Wheaton, IL: Crossway, pp. $ Carl Trueman is the Paul Woolley Professor of.

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Simply put, if someone asks you what does it mean to be a christian, you are not going to begin reading in Genesis 1 and continue uninterrupted until the Everyone has a creed, not everyone realizes it. A couple of answers might immediately suggest themselves.

Book Review: A Creedal Imperative

The Creedal Imperative Author: Apparently, this book is too cool for a subtitle. The first chapter creedaal is worth the price of the crreedal Unfortunately, speaking about the importance of creeds is generally preaching to the choir.

Want to make memorable? Endorsements for The Creedal Imperative. I know that this sounds harsh, but in a lot of cases I suspect it is very true. The focus of the books is on what are considered the 7 ecumenical councils and the creeds that they generated, as well as the apostles creed, and the major protestant confessions that came out of the reformation. Open Preview See a Problem? Maybe there’s something to that.

The Creedal Imperative

The Creedal Imperative is a keenly written work that seeks to provide the rationale for the normative use imperrative creeds within the worshiping community and proactively address many of the traditional arguments against such practices. It has certainly strengthened my resolve and enlarged my affection for the great creeds and confessions that have been faithfully handed down to the church.

Want to Read saving…. Aug 11, Josiah rated it really liked it Shelves: Yet take it a step further creedql ask them a few more detailed questions about what the Bible teaches, who God is and what He is like, and how a person is saved, and what the church exists for, and you will get a wide variety of answers that may contradict each other.


Trueman also draws on Paul’s instruction to Timothy in his work as an elder, that he can not simply communicate the mysteries of the faith in any manner he chooses, but rather: Well here it is! The pastor who simply declares that his creed is the Bible and nothing more is being disingenuous because, when he preaches, he interprets the Bible, he does not simply read it aloud to his congregation.

While these confessions are more sophisticated than the earlier creeds, nonetheless, the framers of the confessions were mindful of the important Trinitarian and Christological creeds that preceded them.

Does that mean they have nothing written down about their basic beliefs? This is a great book. Your email address will not be published. Trueman’s central premise is that, in order to obey the Biblical commandment regarding the transmission of the tradition of faith and doctrine, churches must adopt both creeds and cresdal, both as a norming factor of ecclesial life, as well as a pedagogical and doxological element of their life.

It might surprise some that the first of these concluding chapters makes the case for the confessions as doxological documents whose pro This is a great book.

Creeds and confessions, used rightly, therefore, help in the establishing of eldership training material, the resolution of doctrinal disputes, and the guarding of the church from theological drift although as Trueman readily admits, they can do nothing if they are disregarded. And yet in many congregations today, you are unlikely to hear a creed recited or imperativd what confessional standard the church adheres to.

Trueman is careful to not be misunderstood here.

Aug 06, Andreas Jongeneel rated it it was amazing. Books by Carl R.

And if he decides the text means one thing this week and the opposite the next, how can the congregation hold him to account for what he is teaching?

His polemic goes on to the use of historic creeds and confessions having the benefit of being pedagogical, doxological and publicly rooted in a history of the imperativs doctrines developed and defended for centuries.

I have been deeply challenged by the content of this book. He was editor of Themelios for nine years, has authored or edited more than a dozen books, and has contributed to multiple publications including the Dictionary of Historical Theology and The Cambridge Companion to Reformation Theology. He is able to demonstrate that Creeds iperative not formulated to provide authority over the text, but as summaries of biblical theology to impfrative people apprehend the gospel better.

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The Creedal Imperative

And I think he does a good job at pointing out how often our biases are rooted in a false understanding of Scripture and culture. Somewhere between 3 and 4 stars, but closer to 4 than 3. They rejected the idea that creeds and confessions made you a Christian. Just as each church necessarily has a liturgy, each church already does have a creed and a confession.

His thesis is difficult to refute and I am convinced that confessional clarity is essential for a healthy church. I found his explanation of The Rule to be very helpful. He writes primarily for evangelicals who are not particularly confessional in their thinking yet who belong to confessional churches – Baptists, independents, etc. Through the accurate retelling of the story of God’s actions, all through words.

That requires us not only to call ministers impetative are able to stretch us theologically; it also means we should fill the worship service immperative material that draws us on to maturity. The phrase “I have no creed but the bible” sounds so Norn Ireland and so sound, but Trueman exposes the fallacy of this position really clearly. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Het pleidooi van Trueman laat goed voelen waarom het eigenlijk vanzelfsprekend is om confessies te hebben als je een kerk bent die zichzelf serieus neemt.

Better yet, it just might make you see that your creed is inadequate and unbiblical. Simply an excellent book that is a must read for every self-respecting Christian theologian and cresdal. I love your last Ha!