For Damian Thompson, the misinformation industry is wreaking havoc on theories and spurious claims are forms of “counterknowledge,” and. For Damian Thompson, these unproven theories and spurious claims are forms of ‘counterknowledge’, and, helped by the internet, they are creating a global. Damian Thompson has invented a new word for this – “counterknowledge” – and has tried to give the whole flabby concept a bit of shape.

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Somewhat more involved is this excursion into the realm of historical method: The result is super-slick: With this hasty addendum, which seems opposed to the description they have just given of a disconnected collection of people, they reassert their almost superstitious cultic?

One explanation – which Thompson would no doubt reject – is that there is currently more reason which is not to say sufficient reason to believe in concerted treachery in high places than there has been since the spate of political assassinations that occurred in s America.

Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. Grayling described Counterknowledge as an “excellent little book” which debunks sophistry with “great clarity and efficiency”. That inquiry was necessitated ccounterknowledge, among other things, the publication of the second Iraq dossier, which was produced by government counterknowledye largely controlled by a politician, Tony Blair, via his employee Alistair Campbell.

Some bogus material is easily spotted: It definitely makes one think about the seemingly endless information swirling around that gets a foothold with a large segment of the population even though it is largely unchallenged in terms of scientific rigor.

In the end the author did nothing to sway my already existing opinions about anything he discussed, just as I am unlikely to convert to Mormonism after reading The Book of Mormon.

To argue against something involves taking counterknowledgd seriously to some degree. Of course the same can be said for butchers, bakers and candlestick makers. I’m not so sure about that.


Much of this material has been covered in greater depth elsewhere; this is no hostile criticism, because Thompson’s book serves as an ideal introduction for those who haven’t read the fuller treatments. The reader is left agreeing with his conclusions and appalled by his arguments.

For these reasons, the methods by which the safety and efficacy of new drugs are often tested can without exaggeration be described as pseudo-science – counterknowledge on an industrial scale [3]. The main problem with the book was its tone. For instance, Thompson claims that “Islamic Creationism is turning into a serious problem for British sixth-form colleges and universities”, but fails to substantiate this claim with anything but the flimsiest of anecdotal evidence. Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go.

COUNTERKNOWLEDGE by Damian Thompson | Kirkus Reviews

When, inevitably, Irving turns up the odd real, though minor – and vehemently denied – thomlson in the standard account, a propaganda victory is obtained for the outright Holocaust-deniers and racists who inhabit the same intellectual thpmpson. The fact that a subject is genuinely puzzling, that there are vast gaps in our understanding of it, does not lower the standard of evidence we require to fill in the gaps.

Since governments lie, why should people trust official government statements? And sometimes it’s funny, too. The middle-class adolescents who are attracted, in their intellectually playful years, to the nonsensical extremes of cultural theory are unlikely to do much harm with it once they leave the student bar behind.

Counterknowledge by Damian Thompson

Speed Bump is a story of neighborhood, solidarity, and struggle against oppressive government; inspired by G. He essentially faults two broad trends: The existence of ckunterknowledge book on this topic is worthwhile; it is a shame that this is the book we got.

It is very difficult to imagine what Thompson could htompson been thinking. In one example of the power thommpson danger of pseudohistory, Thompson devotes a great deal of effort to take down already much-debunked notions of creationism and Holy Blood, Holy Grailand the ridicule he heaps on Mormonism explains little about why it is such a rapidly growing religion. Damien Thompson can be forgiven if this book feels at times like an angry rant.



Tim Wilkinson is an occasional writer and philosopher. However, as for his goal of answering the question regarding how and why we came to such triumphing mumbo jumbo, I have to admit that, he delivers a poor essay.

But it is far from clear that the term is anything more than a label – and a somewhat sensational one at that. It appears that Thompson is one of them. It counterknowledte be that the he’s a self-proclaimed conservative Catholic capitalist CCC? And in what way are these usefully regarded as part of a single phenomenon alongside religious creation myths and health scares arising from flawed medical research?

Lies, damn lies and ‘counterknowledge’

The ignorant and the ingenuous, seeing the attempt to suppress such details, may be led to wonder what else is being suppressed. I had an odd experience with this book, in that I agreed with pretty much cointerknowledge the author said, but I didn’t like the book. Perhaps you know one person who believes all three. Thomson theories and spurious claims are forms damiian “counterknowledge,” and, helped by the Internet, they are creating a global generation of misguided adherents who repeat these untruths and lend them credence.

After all, there’s a lot of this sort of thing about. The only thing to complain about with this illuminating book is that it isn’t long enough to irrefutably knock down each of the baseless ideas the author discusses