Manual List for Concord WCF and A. Installation and Servicing Instructions. malware removal and website security. © Content: energy2matter. Listed below are all the manuals for Ideal. Just click on the model or the Gas council number and the manual will download at the bottom of the page. After you. Concord ESi – Installation and Servicing. GENERAL. Boiler. ESi ESi ESi .. on circumstances, controls will need to be either manual or automatic .

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• View topic – Ideal Concord WRS a – Controls upgrade

Is the pump on the flow or return, and have you checked the top cylinder pipe is the flow. Doesn’t matter whether you go for an S or Y plan, you’ll need to move the cold feed and vent to before the valve. The 22mm to the right of where it joins the biiler should be the vent, or is it combined with the cold feed.

They may well be in Ventura for DOS 3. Ed Sirett Contact options for registered users.

Wed Sep 19, 9: Is that a Danfoss or 6. Anyway, I had a day of work today and thought I would get them fitted. However what I am wanting to do is upgrade the controls. Vaillant Wireless smart controls Forum: Save Edits Use Original Image.

Move the left gate valve so it is on the vertical pipe to the left of where it is at present. You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post. It is not a difficult thing to do. Yes, my password is: I’ve never met or spoken to you before so how do I know if you’ve serviced a boiler before? Have done the water already.


Users found this page by searching for: I have only just skimmed though this topic and can’t see that any contributors have commented on the above.

Oil and Gas Boiler Spare Specialists. It’s a lump of cast iron with a burner and gas valve underneath, inside a case. In this way, you can further Ideal Concord Wrs a Gas Boiler Manual tampering with the high-quality graphics, be used for childbirth planning. I still think the 15mm with the gate valve is the cold feed. No, create an account now. This thermostat is in series with the gas valve so controlling the temperature of the boiler.

Fred Contact options for registered users. Free Ideal Concord Wcf a boiler manual boiler diagram. I am happy with the system and it heats up in no time at all.


All logos and mahual names are the property of their respective owners. Checkout our Plumbers Insurance area – heavily discounted Public Liability Insurance and Van Insurance specifically designed for plumbers. Notify me of new posts by email. Your email address will not be published.

Do wrss already have an account? Give your help to others in future i’m fine without you. Click to see the full signature. The dial gives approximate flow temperatures of 1 54 2 60 3 66 4 71 5 77 6 82 degrees C Boilee “summer” hot water only use 1 or 2. Free boiler manuals boiler diagrams. I have since replaced it with bell wire. Ideal Boiler Manual Ideal Heating remains true to see what is included with a particular boiler manual.

The top cylinder pipe is the flow gets hotter before the bottom of the coil. Does this sound a workable solution and is the fact the pump is on the return putting the cold water into the heat exchange a problem?

Ideally Concoed want to install a stat on the hot water cylinder and have independent hot water and heating. I have had the hot water cylinder out, cleaned the coil thoroughly and also inside the cylinder and replaced the 2 galv tanks in the loft for plastic ones. They are held on by 4 nuts 2 each side and you either have to knock about 2inches out above the flue hole out to lift it and the flue off the bracket, or a trick I do wwrs bend the tabs down on the brackets so it will slide forwards.


You should not have a TRV in the room where the wall thermostat is located; this is because they will conflict.

Boiler Manuals: Ideal Concord Range

I am posting this from a one- off email account,in order. Which is essentially 2 “slots” per day and a switch on the side for “Constant”. Ideal Concord WRS boiler instructions? If there’s enough room for it agreed. If you post makes and models when you get the valves, stats etc, if it’s any difference I can modify it and add numbers manyal you.

Boiler Manuals

Does anyone have an instruction manual for this gas boiler – Concord WRS Worcester v Ideal Logic Forum: Basically the 15mm and 22mm pipes with the gate valve on them nearest the front go down into the T at the top of the coil on the hot water mahual. The easiest solution is to set the TRV in the room to Max. Discussion in ‘ Central Heating Forum ‘ started by sdsparksSep 20, All worked first time Just got to read the manual and set up the program now for the heating.

You should be ok, maybe if your wary spray bboiler asbestos seals with carpet glue or similar.