I remember IBM had produced a pdf a few years ago for Cognos 8 Report Studio with examples of MDX functions when building reports using. Summary: This tutorial introduces multidimensional expressions (MDX), a highly . OLAP Services supports MDX functions as a full language implementation. Introduction To MDX Functions For Cognos 8 Report Studio Product(s): Cognos 8 Area of Interest: Report Design. Introduction To MDX Functions For Cognos 8.

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Could you please help me with the following requirement: Using filters and relational functions instead of working only with the olap functions.

I am using expression as. Dimension Hierarchy All members Member1 Member1. This will get all months in the Time dimension:.

On other thing Funtcions forgot to mention is that I have a total column Total Employees and I need the running difference on the total of A1, A2 etc.

There is one thing though that did not happen. CurrentMember argument can be omitted as it will be used by default. Skip to content Hacking Datasets in You could try to put the macro in another Data Item and then reference that new DI from your tuple. Maybe you want to enable the finish button if a member on the bottom level is selected, or to select the last member, or to ensure gunctions 5 members are selected.


December 29, by CognosPaul 11 Comments. Can you please give me any suggestions? This tutorial will explain how to define new calculated members using MDX calculation formulas.

Calculated members

Is there any way to do a running-total using a year dimension with a seperate month dimension? I missed to set always for one of the level. The MDX would appear as:.

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Instead they could have used a Report Expression. My expressions are if [Cube]. In a relational database you might do this with an outer join. Sometimes you would like to test if your time navigation expression is working as you expect before using it in further calculations.

Paul, I am using below expression to calculate ccognos 3 day moving-average in my report, I have only Day level in cotnos Time dimension.

mdx – Using “Current Month” in a tuple in Cognos Report Studio – Stack Overflow

Next, reopen the report. Note that even though Weekly hierarchy also has Year level, this function will only work in default Time hierarchy.


Estimate Payment Xyz abc Jan Feb Mar Apr One of my clients was running into a problem with migrating their reports to the DQM. For example, you would like to get a sum or an average value of some measure over a selected set of dimension members.

You might be able to do something like: Current context includes corresponding row and column dimension members of the report cell as well as selected page dimension members. However RAVE 1 is still going strong. Cognoa, My week value is coming from prompt week3. Have you tried generating fognos always irrespective of the data in fact.

Running-total on a cube – CognosPaul

Does it return the values you expect? Notify me of follow-up mmdx by email. If no hierarchy is selected it wil default to the measures.