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BYK® is a mixture of foam destroying polysiloxanes and hydrophobic solids in polyglycol. This product is the standard defoamer for water-based syste. Mixture of hydrophobic solids and foam destroying polysiloxanes in polyglycol. Acts as a silicone based, standard defoamer for aqueous systems. Exhibits easy . BYK Version 3. Revision Date 01/31/ Print Date 01/31/ 1 / 9. SECTION 1. PRODUCT AND COMPANY IDENTIFICATION. Product name.: BYK -.

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BYK is easy to incorporate. These lubricants are used on metal parts for antigalling, antifretting, antisiezing, and assembly aid applications.

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A process of coating a metal surface with a bgk, comprising: Organic lubricating coating composition for use in plastic deformation of metal sheet. TPM was then added with stirring. The final formulation had improved long-term shelf life stability relative to the formulations in example 22 did not increase in viscosity when aged at room temperature.

The coalescing agents can also serve to have secondary effects such as allowing flow and leveling to wet steel, lower surface tension, and provide defoaming properties. It is possible that if the molybdenum disulfide is treated to reduce its acidity as received from the manufacturer, it may be possible to omit the ammonia from the formulation. The mixed formulations were de-gassed under vacuum, which reduced the volume and viscosity.

Formulations 14AC were sprayed onto a phosphate treated steel panel and subjected to corrosion testing pursuant to MIL-L Dispersing agents that may be suitable for use in this invention include crude tall oil, oxidized crude tall oil, surfactants, organic bjk esters, modified imidazolines and amidoamines, siloxanes, alkyl aromatic sulfates and sulfonates. In the table, all amounts are in grams. Various resins were tested for chemical resistance to jet fuel. Formulation 8A was somewhat whipped with air, but did not separate overnight at room temperature.


Formulation 20C provided superior results to the other formulations. Several formulations were 208 to determine whether the co-solvent caused instability of the formulation system. The composition of this invention may optionally include one or more antifoam agents. The ammonia is present to reduce the acidity of the formulation. After mixing, the product was a whipped paste.

The fastener of claim 41wherein the polytetrafluoroethylene is present in the water-based composition in an amount of from 0. This example shows formulations where glycol ether co-solvents were and were not used. The lubricant composition of this invention is stable, provides a stable film upon application, and provides both corrosion resistance and lubricity to the surface on which the coating is applied. In this example, the amount of resin and molybdenum disulfide were varied.

This formulation passed the MIL-L protocol. Formulation F sprayed well, with slight pulses. The water paint comprises, by weight, water-based resins: In an effort to improve the stability of the molybdenum disulfide, the order of addition of the components was tested in this example. Formulation 4B formed a translucent and good abrasion resistance film based on a simple thumbnail rub.

While formulation 22A provided some corrosion resistance, moderate to heavy corrosion byl observed using the MIL-L test protocol after hours. For all three formulations, the molybdenum disulfide solidified upon mixing with Part A.

A metal fastener coated with the residue formed by evaporation of volatile components of a water-based composition comprising water, an acrylic or urethane resin, molybdenum disulfide, ammonia in an amount up to 1 percent, and polytetrafluoroethylene, and wherein the composition has a pH in the range of 7 to Then too, after being applied to a metal surface, the volatile components evaporate readily and such that the binder forms a consistent coating.

US7524797B1 – Low volatile organic content lubricant – Google Patents

The resulting formulation was stable, sprayable, and formed bykk homogenous film upon application to phosphate treated steel test panels. The formulations are provided in the following table. These components were mixed for one hour. In general, the molybdenum disulfide used in the practice of this invention has an average particle size in the range from 0.


Representative examples of such wetting agents include but are not limited to sodium bis tridecyl sulfosuccinate, di 2-ethyl hexyl sodium sulfosuccinate, sodium dihexylsulfosuccinate, sodium dicyclohexyl sulfosuccinate, diamyl sodium sulfosuccinate, sodium iso-butyl sulfosuccinate, disodium iso-decyl sulfosuccinate, disodium ethoxylated alcohol half ester of sulfosuccinic acid disodium alkyl amido polyethoxy sulfosuccinate, tetra-sodium N- 1,2-dicarboxyethyl -N-octadecyl sulfosuccinamate, disodium N-octasulfosuccinamate, sulfated ethoxylated nonylphenol, 2-aminomethylpropanol, the condensation product of formaldehyde with naphthalene sulphonate, an alkylarylsulphonate, a lignin sulphonate, a fatty alkyl sulphate, ethoxylated alkylphenol, and an ethoxylated fatty alcohol.

The example shows that the pH of the system may be important if molybdenum disulfide is used. Of 082 interest in many military applications are new dry lubricants that are water-based, and which provide both corrosion resistance and bbyk properties.

In general the coating thickness is from about 1 micron to about 1 centimeter in depth. In this example, resin and molybdenum disulfide amounts are varied.

A construction machine water paint, characterized by: Solvent type double-composition epoxy coating material quick bykk solidify at low temperature and preparation method thereof.

The content of such third party sites is not within our control, and we cannot and will not take responsibility for the information or content. In one broad respect, this invention is a bky lubricant composition, comprising: The process of claim 28wherein the water-based composition further comprises an antifoaming agent.

In general the amount is about 0. In another broad respect, this invention is a process for the manufacture of a water-based lubricant composition, comprising: The formulation contained the following components, which were vyk in the order shown to improve stability of the system: