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It set fire to her blood and melted her bones into molten lava. It was a wonder Short stories always surprise and impress me.

It wasn’t rushed, and it didn’t feel like everything was crammed into those 17 pages. I liked the sweet romance and appreciated the emotional rollercoaster that Beth and Lucus went on.

That’s kinda annoying actually. This is one of the best books, I’ve read in buttertace while. Butterface affected me just as much as any page story. It’s hard enough being a teenager without having to tack on a disorder that affects one’s appearance as well.


However, what I did like about Butterface is the ending when Beth finally realizes what she has the power to do instead of worrying about her appearance all the time. Good looks, talent on the field and was able to gain a scholarship so being on the team was something he needed. Butterface by Gwen Hayes is a book about a girl I can understand.


While at first the story kind of irritated me with its dialogue and overemphasis on looks, I eventually realized that Beth was so focused on looks because of her insecurities. Even though he was forced to do it, he lost respect for himself. Gwen Hayes is such an excellent writer she manages to make you care for these characters in spite of this being a short story. Full review at Amaterasu reads I have to buutterface, what can you do with a paged short story?

Butterface by Gwen Hayes | LibraryThing

But he takes colle “. Only Lucky has a secret–he needs t When love isn’t lucky The way the scenario plays out is natural, real, and genuine. I really enjoyed this short story.

Honestly I was a little disappointed, I had been building this novella up in my head to be something really great but it didn’t quite meet my expectations. Guy meets girl, guy likes girl, girl has facial scars, guy’s douchey soccer mates want him to invite her to the “Dog Dinner” because she’s ugly Aug 26, Simcsa rated it it was ok Shelves: Why couldn’t it have gone on longer?!

She is a reader, writer, and lover of pop culture which, other than yogurt, is the only culture she gets. Lucas ‘Lucky’ O’Leary was as beth would put it a soccer god, he had everything going for buttetface. Their warm, fun, sarcastic banter had a wonderful pace which hayed a fun, flirty feel to this meaningful story.


Things happened between Beth and Lucky Butterface is more than I expected it to be. As time passes though the friendship blossoms into something more, even Lucky can’t believe his luck when getting to know her.

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Tranquilli niente di scandaloso! First off, I don’t think having a couple of scars on one’s face and a somewhat rigid jawline makes anyone a butterface.

Open Preview See a Problem? I thought the story did a good job of exploring each of their emotions, but I wish it was longer! Wikipedia in English None. The story was all over very fast and I felt really could have benefited from being a bit longer.

She keeps her hair messy as a curtain to help hid the scars from the deformity. Why couldn’t it have gone on longer?! Refresh and try again. Needless to say that things don’t go quite according to plan The soccer scholarship is paying his college tuition–he HAS to stay on the team.

May 26, Aideeeee rated it it was ok Shelves: It was sweet and short and the plotline was great but it just really flat.