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Buderus SSB Heavy Commercial Boilers · Buderus SSB Light Commercial Boilers · Buderus SBWS Boiler Logano G Energy Efficient. Logano G [ Buderus ]. Buderus. G | G | G Cast Iron Commercial Boilers The Buderus commercial Thermostream boilers are designed with many physical. Logano GE – We reserve the right to make any changes due to technical modifications. 2 . Operating conditions for Buderus G and GE cast iron boilers.

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To be able to adjust the nuderus throughput, install a gas meter that can be checked even in the lower load range of the burner.

Cleaning Equipment Set The boilers are supplied either in individual sections Fig. Single boiler system with boiler circuit Logano GE Combustion Air Supply Once the maximum water volume V has been reached, only fully softened and fully desalinated water may subsequently be added, otherwise the heat source must be descaled.

Page 39 – Shutdown temperature high limit safety To print the manual completely, please, download it. buderuz

Sie finden die Bilder auf der Referenzseite Steel – Up To 30 Db a Structural Features The boiler water is heated by the inner heat transfer surfaces combustion chamber and secondary heating surface and rises. Colder water sinks at the external wall and flows towards the inner heating surface Fig.


Table Of Contents 2. Extracts From The Regulations Flue Pipe Sealing Collar Telecontrol Modem For Optimum Service Low Water Indicator Logamatic Control Unit Wet-cleaning The Boiler Telecontrol Modem For Optimum Service 6 Table of contents Table Of Contents Boost-type cast iron heating boilers Logano G WS kW Specifications and features Low temperature heating boiler, diesel fuel or gas operated, with gradual temperature control of the boiler water Four certified standard size boilers with the rated thermal performance from 17 to 34 kW Heating boiler is designed for diesel fuel, natural, liquefied, biochemical gas and rapeseed oil operation.

Page 13 – Parameters of the Ecostream cast iron Page 14 Page 15 – Boiler efficiency Page 16 – Flue gas temperature and boiler efficien Softening And Desalination Flue Gas Butterfly Valve Don’t show me this message again.

Logano GE, GE 6 GE and GE, Buderus offers complete boiler safety equipment assemblies, which contain an affordable minimum pressure switch with an adaptor for boiler output levels up to kW page The result is a high standard seasonal efficiency [to DIN] and low flue gas temperatures. Siting Combustion Equipment SH until the operating temperature has been reached.

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The company includes several factories manufacturing Buderus equipment for heating systems on the territory of Germany and Netherlands.

Page 5 – Technical description Page 6 – Thermostream technology of the Ecostream Burner Silencer Hood Installation Of The Temperature Sensor The boiler operates with all kinds of diesel and gas fan-driven burners CE marked; Combines with water-heating tanks Logalux ST three dimension types with the volume l and Logalux LT four dimension types with the volume L of Buderus Series; Combines with different Buderus control systems; Low noise and emissions level; Easy and convenient control; Quick installation, breaking-in and maintenance.


Information On Installation Attention must be drawn to any special considerations regarding maintenance page 24 ; an inspection and maintenance contract is recommended. Got it, continue to print. Fitting The Boiler Sections unassembled Side And Top Casing Boost-type gas boiler Buderus Logano G