The book is made of two parts: the first one is a detailed exploration of the litterature around Pasteur’s rise from obscurity to fame and of the corresponding. The Pasteurization of France [Bruno Latour, Alan Sheridan, John Law] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. What can one man accomplish. The pasteurization of France: Bruno Latour, translated by Alan Sheridan and John Law (Cambridge, Massachusetts and London: Harvard University Press.

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It is not given to everybody to become a century, any more than it is to francce one’s name on the principal street of every town and village in France, or to prevent people from spitting, to persuade them to dig drains, to get vaccinated, or to create serother- apy.

With what does Leduc make up his world? This rule of method is especially important when we are studying a period when the number of frqnce was suddenly multiplied by millions. Despite my search for complication, I could find no more than this pasteurjzation method. Now they could do so because they were no longer controversial. What we have to do is not to explain bacteriology in sociological terms but to make those two logoi once more unrecog- nizable.

Bruno Latour – The Pasteurization of France

In order to understand what constituted Pasteurism up to the end of the century, we must understand what the Pasteurians, few in number, offered the hygienists. Sometimes cholera passes, sometimes not; sometimes typhus survives, sometimes not. The Revue Scientifique, a vrance weekly review founded in the mid-nineteenth century and written by scientists themselves for a wider educated public, falls somewhere between Scientific American and the general-interest pages of Science. War and Peace Followed by Irreductions Les microbes: Everything must be considered.

We might also say that it represents a dominant point of view — a point of view that was therefore vic- torious in a battle fought with other agents pursuing other aims at other times.

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The Pasteurization of France

When you send out the beer, you send out the barrel, the liquid, the delivery documents, and the yeast Tyndall: This link had also to be created, Hke the future Hnk pasteurizatkon laboratory and medicine or between attenuated microbes and diseases. Faithful to its tradition, it usually defines society as made up of groups, interests, intentions, and conflicts of interest.

To use outdated terms, the first part of the book is more empirical, the second part more theoretical. They were both nothing and everything. Karin rated it it was amazing Sep 13, If anything can cause illness, nothing can be ignored; it is necessary to be able yhe act everywhere and on everything at once.

Although every town in France has a street named for Pasteur, was he alone able to stop people from spitting, persuade them to dig drains, influence them to undergo vaccination?

This distinction between the two mechanisms is an essential one, because the lztour that it implemented were quite different and could vary in the same article.

If we open the scientific literature paseturization the time, we find stories that define for us who are the main actors, what happens to them. They all admitted that Pasteur did not do everything “alone,” but they quickly went back on this admission by supposing that Pasteur did everything “po- tentially” or that the rest was to be found in Pasteur’s pastekrization in potentia.

The year before, Landouzy exclaims: Ryan rated it really liked it May 30, The hygienists always complained that things were not moving forward, or even that they were getting worse.

Peter has been described as an obscurantist buffoon, but he was the only one od put up any kind of a fight against Pasteur’s medical coup d’etat. The hygiene congresses were, like Bouchar- dat’s style, an attic in which everything was kept because sometime it might come in handy.

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The Pasteurization of France | JAMA | JAMA Network

Yes, of course we are confounded — if we confuse the force of a man with that attributed to him; if we confuse Pasteur with “Pasteur,” whom from now on I laour place between quotation marks so as not to confuse him with his homonym. Moreover, the diffusion and transformation of the scientific idea was not independent from the social interest. The assemblage of forces that I am trying to reconstruct might be confused with the final impression given by this assemblage if it were not for a certain distinction.


The revival and extension of exploi- tation or prosperity, if you prefer frsnce a better-educated pop- ulation and clean, airy, rebuilt cities, with drains, fountains, schools, parks, gymnasiums, dispensaries, day nurseries.

The Enlightenment is about ex- tending these clearings until they cover the world. You want to win the war?

Full text of “Bruno Latour The Pasteurization Of France ( )”

These great hospitals, imperfect as they are, from the point of view of general hygiene, are adequate to our needs providing we practice strict asepsia”p. From July on, Pasteur claims, he llatour mobilizing science for the cure of “the Prussian canker”pp. For Bruno Latour, a historian interested in the philosophy of science and sociology of knowledge, “science and society are both explained more adequately by an analysis of the relations between forces.

It was simpler to wash their hands in a carbolic lotion after each childbirth Bouchardat: Burgundy rated it liked it Feb 22, Mikrobiologie Frankreich Microbiologie — histoire — France.

But parliamentarians are right now discussing subsidies for thw To reestablish democracy in the troubled time of the religious wars, Spinoza had to become agnostic as far as the biblical text was concerned and to devise new ways of understanding the shocking mixture of evangelical messages and massacres.