Bruce Tegnér, Dorothy Bales, and Richard Windishar appear in the photos dem- onstrating the exercises. This manuscript was prepared under the supervision. Isometric Power Exercises – Bruce Uploaded by Neagu Andrei. Copyright: © All Rights Reserved. Download as PDF or read online from Scribd. Isometric Power Exercises by Bruce Tegner and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at

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The ideal program to keep you in top physical condition is one that includes daily isometric excr- isojetric plus an activity such as walking, swimming, judo, playing tennis, hand- ball or a similar game. Place your teg on chair back shown. Item Location South Africa.

Tighten your ab- domen; push forward: Push with your heels against the chair, tightening calves and thtghs: Keeping your body as relaxed as possible, place your hand a I the back of your head. isometeic

Isometric Power Exercises Bruce Tegner

Force up as hard as you cun. One man is seated upright on the floor; Ihe other man kneels behind him and places his hands etgner his shoul- ders as shown. Take a breath, force your against your paJm as hard as you can: You find yourself stranded and lost in the middle of nowhere. As you put on your shirt. Place both hands dal on bruuce desk, push- ing down with hoih arms.

Keeping the pole off ihe floor, one man grips the pole at the lop end while the other man grips it in the cen- ter, as flhown. Men facing cich olher pj]ms placed logcihcr. While bending, keep legs straight, siomneh tucked in; tighten your eniire body for a count of ten; relax. Reach forward to the TV’ knobs using slow, strong motion. Before bending over to put on your shoe, pull jn your -stomach as hard IIS passihte and hold it as you reach forward with your arms id fasten or pull on your shoe.


Slow dow’ii, and allow your muscles to work up isomehric the endurance needed. Repeat, twisting in opposite direc- tions. These lisicd are of special valuCn 6 How Much Time and How Many Exercises It Is much better to do exercises for a short period isomrtric day than to exercise only once a week for a longer period.

Many of these “at the desk'” ex- isometgic can be done at the breakfast or dinner Lible.

Isometric power exercises by Bruce Tegner

Arch jrouT body forward slighlly. After ten juseonds, exhale slowly through your mouth as you relax completely. Tighten legs and stomach muscles: One man hoIJi his uryns cu – siretched. Seated man holds his legs straight out and braces himseir with his hands at the edge of the chair. Midway through the brushing action, tighten your abdo- men; hold posiiicm: This is an excdleni balancing exercise as well os a kg-musek strengihener.

The other requirements of your body that isomettic not fuUUIed with the use of isometric exercises are: Pull back with your armiv as you push forward with your knees.

Do not neglect the relaxation period between exercises. Women should have good, strong stomach muscles, well-toned back muscles, and firm thigh musdes to look and fed attractive and healthy. Standing man places his hands ai the hack of other man’s head Take a breath in unison: Sit m the edge of a chair wiih ycur behind you 4 s ikhown. The listing here in the index catalogs the exercises according to maifi importance.

Isshin – Concentration the Art: Bruce Tegner Jukado

He places the palms of his hands under his chin. If you much prefer to do all 15 minutes either in the morning or evening, you may choose to do so.


Take ii deep breath; push up v. U at this point in the breath cycle that you tense for the exercise, Hold for ten seconds.


Medical terms have not been used because it is not necessary for you to know the technical name of the muscles to do the exercises properly. When you reach position shown in photo, hold for len secotids; relax 10 Tie a loop of rope.

Repeal, using other arm. Double the rope loop so lhal you hold the upper pole nt your ihigh height when standing on the lower pole. Isometrics develop the muscles. The exercises that have been selected for you in brude book are those which will help you achieve an attractive figure and make you feel vigorous and lively.

All rights reserved Bruce Tegncr, Dorothy Buies, and Richard Windishar appear in the photos dem- onstrating the exercises. Re- peal from oiher side.

When a larger and smaller partner work together, the larger person should not try to overpower the smaller person, but equalize the tension. When you first start the exercises, you may not be able to hold for more than 4 or 5 seconds. Ihe other man stands behind his chjEr and phicc? Lying on ehe floor, brace lower pole W’llh your I’ect and hold upper al your thighs, as shown. If you are working too far beyond your capacity, you will know it by the stiffness or soreness of those muscles which arc being overworked.

Repeal, mlng oiher leg.