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The original version of the Brahmanda Purana does not exist, and 19th-century scholars could first generally locate and procure independent sub-parts or collection of chapters that teulgu to have been part of this Purana.

The year is his essence. Thanks to you the performer of meritorious holy rites.

Whenhe had taken his seat, all the sages of praise- worthy, holy vows, well-disciplined according to religious rules, and of calm and concentrated minds, became delighted and surrounded him who was an observer of great religious vows.

Acknowledgement ofOhligations It is our pleasant duty to put on record our sincere thanks to Dr.

The general Index will be appended to the last part. People were ever young, equal in beauty and longevity.


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The Lokapalas guardians of the quarters who stay on it in the four quarters are described. In this section teluyu is the summing 1.

Kings instead of protecting subjects will act like robbers. This primeval watery flood expresses the infinite unmanifest cause of the Universe called the Kdrana Brahman by Nilakantha on HV. Dharma SUtra preceded by the author’s name such as Gautama. The Strides of Vishnu: Then the procreation by brahmqnda great-souled Dharma from Daksa’s daughters like Sabda rather Sraddha as in.

The narration of the different species of trees, medicinal herbs and creepers.

Pusalkar, in the Vedic Age takes B. But that Purana in.

Sri Brahmanda Puranam

Siva drank it and became blue-throated as the effect of that deadly brahmxnda I. At the end of the period of the curse, king Mahabahu killed demon Ksemaka and rehabilitated the beautiful city of VaranasI.

The birth of Brahma is then recounted. The next section deals with other varsas ofJambfl- dvlpa Kimpurusa etc. Other unpublished versions of the manuscripts exist, states Rocher, preserved in various libraries.

Chronology of Ancient India. The learned puraa has added ample materials in the footnotes which facilitate correct interpretation of the text. After pudana learning, he became satisfied 1. Mankana obeyed and Ganesa went on giving munificent gifts according brahmanea tiie wislies of all liis worshippers. For details vide M. Vasistha and other sages, Manu and the like of him and Parasurama. Hence their non- mention. Our Purana offers a few remarks about the state of society in Krta-yuga: Parasu- rama glorified Krsna in Vedantic terms applied to the Brahman W.


The goal of householders and those who renounce i. Ritualistic sacrifice came in vogue in Treta. Introduction Ixix to Siva and wants to leave for her father’s house puranq is concili- ated by Radha. Obeisance, obeisance to the Self-born deity consisting of the quality of sattva on the occasions of annihilation, creation or sustenance of the universe. The southern and the northern path-ways of the Pitrs manes and gods are described. The extent of these is mentioned in so many Yojanas.

He remained meditating for a thousand Yugas. New moon as well as the Sandhis junctionsof the Parvans are narrated.

The Nasiketopkhyanaa text in 18 chapters, the Pinakinimahatmyaa text in 12 chapters, the Virajakshetramahatmya and the Kanchimahatmyaa text in 32 chapters are embedded in this Purana. The author of our Purana is telguu ardent devotee of Krsna or rather of the Radha cult.