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After 20 years of stagnation, the middle classes came to believe in the narrative too and voted for Chavez. Come and live here for a year as a venezuelan and at the end of the year you will tell me what do picardiq think?

That is part of the tragedy of this system, that the fewer scruples one has, the greater the l. As a foreigner who travels to Venezuela at least twice a year, I gotta say you hit the nail on the head with this blog entry. Well maybe if you have been enrolled in a public university here in this country.

Sobremesa Chronicles | Caracas Chronicles

January 9, at Do I care No! Alaska provides a check to each citizen worth about a years wages in Venezuela terms, plus very low taxes. Each day a new raya. A city laid out to have boulevards, streets and highways.

We are Happy people!! February 5, at Speaking of adultery for example, particularly adultery by political leaders, it is very different when it happens as a matter of strict privacy to those involved, and another very different matter when it is given public exposure and political power is invested on the companion. I hope you enjoy a lot your trip. Venezuela ciertamente es un pais caotico a los ojos de un nordico, pero hay todavia muchas cosas que nos compensan la escasa calidad de vida.

El complejo del dinero

It appears that the font is one of that last things the page loads. The profits should be provided to the shareholders in the form of dividends.


Barbara marked it as to-read Jan 10, I hope you come back soon! Chavez had deel opportunity to break that cycle but by playing the class card he only made everyone poorer in the long run. Gracias por tu blok. Often we have elected crooks, knowing beforehand that they were crooks.

La Picardia Del Venezolano o el Triunfo de Tio Conejo by Axel Capriles M (, Paperback) | eBay

Regina is a born entrepreneur running her transportation company while Ricardo is the design matrix in industrial engineering.

He is the author of Jung in Africa and Pathways to Integrity Democracy was fine for the political realm but for the administrative realm only meritocracy will do.

He has written many articles on analytical theory and practice, especially about applying principles of analytical psychology to social issues in Eastern Europe. First the Bodyguard, then General Rivero, then 8 more with this story. The thing is that we are so dazzled and thrilled at a leader that projects sincerity and honesty and charismatic passions and is eloquent at expressing them forcefully and convincingly that we dont think much of that persons skill or competence for getting things done in a sane practical and effective mannerWe love circus performers but take for granted that such a person can have the qualities and talents to in practice achieve the tasks they are elected to perform.

I think there is a lot of confusion. Es cierto que el quejarse tampoco resuelve nada, son los actos personales o hechos los que terminan por cambiar las cosas. Nevertheless my point being that there are certain advantages that can be avoided. It is like in Dungeons and Dragons http: This is so nice to read.

The best thing about democracy is not that it makes for good governance but that where it works well it helps a society avoid the worse abuses and despotism of the rulerusing the racing car methaphor it doesnt help the driver win the raceonly to avoid flying off tracks. People talk to each other everywhere about everything.


Alejandro, You have a problem with understanding basic arguments. December 29, at Hope you come back and still have fun!

Consider yourselves as of having high moral integrity. Have lots of fun and take care Martine! I sooo want to read more, keep going! Me gusta el respeto, el orden, y la puntualidad entre otras muchas cosas. It allows you to change the style of any website. Change the rules of the game and you will change the results. Your depiction of my prestige is most unfortunate.

La Picardia Del Venezolano o el Triunfo de Tio Conejo by Axel Capriles M (2017, Paperback)

I hope you continue to enjoy your experience and if you ever want to stay in Caracas you are more than welcomed to my home.

Without a developed individuality solidarity with others is mindless and dangerous.

I think that the separation between the pols and the people who manage the oil business has to be much more drastic and strong. Hi martine, even though is like 4 days late, Merry Christmas!. Of course not every picatdia, but definitely more than what I am used to at home.

One guy says it is so…. I could say, following your logic, You are guilty of taking advantage of the public and free universitary education system. I lived in CCS in the early eighties when puntofijismo was the ruling paradigm and the goal of accumulating wealth went in lockstep with the electoral cycle.

Yes it truly is hilarious how troubles similar to this one start looking caprilles pointless compared to the world events.