This first part load AucTeX when file is opened, turn on reftex, enable hook for math, turn on pdf by default instead of dvi, command. Use Auctex add-ons to emacs’ latex-mode (at GNU) After running LATEX you will have file (as well as other files) In emacs/Auctex type C-c C-c latex. (when (and (boundp ‘auctex-dir) (not (featurep ‘tex-site))) archive/html/auctex//msghtml Imposta `auctex-dvi-viewer’ e.

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But I may have misunderstood your purpose. Note that TeX-engine is buffer-local, so setting the variable directly or via the above mentioned menu or function will not take effect in other buffers.

The third is the command to be used for plain TeX. You can also add entries to TeX-engine-alist in order to add support for engines not covered per default. Share Facebook Twitter Email. Now here’s the problem: For more details, look at the Emacs wiki.

Completion-ui is another really great completion utility for emacs. Arash Esbati 5, 1 8 To ask for the master file for each file that is open. Then, enter the following commands: You will notice that you can easily change that with emacs, and that there are plainty of choices.

How can I set emacs to automatically apend this command to the end of the view command? First, here is the short question: However, a slight change fixed it for me. Notice that some things which you might think useful are commented, such as whizzy tex and flyspell. Values currently supported are “II”the default, and “IV”. Instead, the emacs windows stays with focus and that’s where any keyboard input goes.


The download link is the following: You are commenting using your Facebook account.

latex – Auto-focus xdvi after running viewdvi in Emacs with AUCTeX – Super User

String with the extra options to be given to the TeX processor. Some LaTeX packages requires the document to be compiled with a specific engine. The first element of dv list item is a symbol and the second element a Lisp form to be evaluated. In the future I will continue to use Vim. This decision is based on the output files vdi in the working directory as well as the class and style options used in the document.

Notice that at the lineI load something to get the dead key working for accent circumflex with an azerty keyboard.

The viewer is started either on a region or the master file, depending on the last command issued. Super User works best with JavaScript enabled. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

Here are settings for highlighting. This old implementation works with the variables TeX-output-view-style and TeX-view-style which are used to associate file types and style options with viewers.

Yasnippet is used by auftex. If a command line is used, parts of it can be conditionalized by auctdx them with predicates from TeX-view-predicate-list or TeX-view-predicate-list-builtin.

The time now is Ben Veal 11 1. Then it jumped to Command default LaTeX: After a whole lot of digging, I think I found a way. Here is the updated part from my side.

For this reason, if you want to use it and want to know what are the files available, just look at the menu: The association between the tests for the conditions mentioned above and the viewers is made in the variable TeX-view-program-selection. Latex succesfully compiled the document to dvi format.


C-c C-t C-s Toggles support for forward and inverse search. The default view command is composed by “xdvi”, followed by a few arguments defined by some variables, followed by the file name.

at last, just tells

If you plan to use Emacs, since I had problem with Ubuntu Post as a guest Name. Tags for this Thread auctexdviemacslatexxdvi.

If after step 1, I do C-c C-c then emacs asks for the master file, default is to set the above file as master, just typed return. Any ideas on how to enable this and make it my default compile process by using my init file? In particular, fine-tuning the page breaks should be done with source specials switched off. The second is a string describing the quctex. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

Even though the xdvi window is brought to the front, it’s not focused. Some settings to get the line and column number, dfi time, the size of your file in the status bar.

The choice between source specials and SyncTeX can be controlled with the variable TeX-source-correlate-method. Join 9 other followers. This is controlled by ConTeXt-Mark-version option.