Apples [Richard Milward] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. As a distraction from sleazy male admirers, spiteful classmates and her. Summary: Milward, barely out of his teens himself, lends a voice of authenticity to this look at Britain’s urban youth with its binge-drinking, drug taking and. Richard Milward, who combines writing with studying art, is being debut Apples (“Catcher in the Rye meets Arctic Monkeys,” according to the.

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Nov 25, Sophie rated it it was ok.

A dark comedy set on a council estate in Middlesborough, this book is narrated alternativly by Adam, Eve a butterfly, an unborn baby and an assortment of delinquents. The flitting between narratives was executed well, and the sights and thoughts of non-humans was a great touch. There were parts of the book that fondly regard: Yet I found that selsfish brat to be adorable, because she has a sweet side to her. Jul 14, Emma rated it did not like it Recommends it for: It comes closest to censure when it approaches violence in the yobbish lads, but even then, the book’s only real villain gets a sympathetic chance to tell his story for a few pages.

Milward, barely out of his teens milqard, lends a voice of authenticity to this look at Britain’s urban youth with its binge-drinking, drug taking and seemingly ubiquitous teen pregnancy. Since time immemorial elders have been writing about the amorality of the prodigal “next generation” and when the author is a member of the designated newer age group he runs the risk of coming off as a tattletale, eagerly selling out his peers in exchange for the approbation milwaed those bearing seniority.

Caspar Llewellyn Smith meets Richard Milward, the young bad of Boro | Books | The Guardian

He currently lives in Middlesbrough. I am sorry but this is not the case.


Milward weaves a story that we’ve all seen in our high schools and sometimes colleges. An interesting book, but not a nice one. Aug 03, Marlies rated it really liked it Shelves: However after finishing it I did find myself with many questions in regards to lose threads in the plot. May 07, 3min45secs rated it really liked it. Feb 25, Jennifer rated it did not like it Shelves: Milward you’ve richars it again, I’m from Middlesbrough and occasionally indu Apples eh what a fruit I eat them mlward, I’d say I buy more apple juice than actual apples and would go tichard far as saying I’ve eaten more apple sauce than real apples this year, it’s a must on roast pork, the crazy thing is I’m not a big fan of roast pork but crackling is a thing of joy so I put up with the meat, mind you it doesn’t last long in our house crackling, I’d give my bottom lip for some right now I really would.

Grit and love in north England with Richard Milward

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. The story tells of all trials and tribulations of the teenage years — the hormones, angst, excitement and the naivety. It lives so fast and burn with the questions and doubts and energy of teen kids. I often felt that the author was simply writing the book to take the piss out of anyone with a penchant for what I’ve listed above. Aug 21, Louise rated it liked it.

I would hate to think someone who is reading this is going through what these poor characters experienced. Please open your eyes to the young people around you as it could be happening to someone you know and you may be the person who can change their life. However I feel that in some situations when the author is trying to be mysterious, and this may just be to my lacking in i Parts of this book really appealed to me.


But I often use a lot of observations growing up in Teesside an urban area of northeastern England. Dec 16, Samuel Bigglesworth rated it really liked it.

Richard Milward

I guess if you’re not ready to write a Great Great Book, you might as well try to write something interesting and reader-catching: I was hoping for some kind of growth or development of the characters, I got Apples as the Kindle Deal of the Day for 99ct because the general idea and description sounded like something I might enjoy reading.

Jan 14, Helen Lawrence rated it it was ok. Apples isn’t a paean to misunderstood adolescents; it’s an honest depiction of urban adolescence.

I feel this book is not suitable for young teenagers and there is a massive amount of inappropriate language, drug use and reference and sexual encounters which are not suitable for children under Eve’s mother is diagnosed with cancer and she concentrated on outfits for the night’s next party. Apples by Richard Milward. I am proud to say I am born and bred in Teesside.

Very enjoyable, a funny modern North-East take on contemporary life and pop culture. Personal tools Log in.

Even Hemingway’s first novel was pretty dire. Whilst contending with sexual frustration, a violent father and increasingly compulsive behaviour, is he too busy reading Razzle in his bedroom to make his move?