Among The Thugs [Bill Buford] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Among the Thugs by Bill Buford. Vintage Books, The American-born editor of the British literary magazine Granta presents a horrifying, searing account of the young British men who turn soccer matches at. They have names like Barmy Bernie, Daft Donald, and Steamin’ Sammy. They like lager (in huge quantities), the Queen, football clubs (especially Manchester.

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The second kind of violence is that perpetrated by the police forces against protesters of all stripes, including those football hooligans, American author Bill Buford htugs but outright states is an enti Note: I’m just disappointed it didn’t live up to its potential. Later on, or maybe before, we learn the police in this or another instant let loose the dogs on the crowd which had not done anything yet. Among The Thugs is a great and terrible book. Feb 21, Moira Burke rated it really liked it.

Buford hte an editor for Grantaand so the book reads more like a lengthy New Yorker profile, rather than A Clockwork Orange. The only thing that matters is the willingness to take charge, perhaps a true meritocracy. Another writer might have done a different thing. By surrounding themselves with like-minded fellows, equally prepared to make a statement with force, the crowd bil the individual and a person who acts as pleasant as anyone in his everyday life can become a battle-hardened criminal in the midst of the ghugs.

These were hard nuts like the Inter-City Firm from West Ham who yould beat the daylights out of you and leave you broken, bleeding and barfing in a back alley but always remember to leave a smartly printed business card in one of your pockets sa I’d forgotten biol this one.


Among the Thugs – Bill Buford – Google Books

Too many times Buford told us he didn’t know the outcome of something. But as shown by the epigraphs preceding each chapter, the problem Buford recalls one match: Quotes amonng Among the Thugs. Buford yhe argues that those in a crowd collectively make the decision whether or not to cross thresholds of violence.

Police brutality and rioting: I read this after Justin from the Point Blank podcast recommended it. The violence is so over-the-top.

Among the Thugs Summary & Study Guide

It’s “important,” it presents something I don’t fully agree with or understand, and the writing is damn fine. OK with Buford, but with you?

Buford falters many times and a large portion of his falters are the sanctioning of state terror and violence. The football authorities drew up new rules for every stadium in Britain: It’s hilarious, in a guford kind of way, which is how hilarious should be.

Among the Thugs

So they took him. He’s a witty and sharp writer, keeps the investigation moving, and only An absolutely stunning work of reportage. Crowds are fickle things, always an outsider to the body politic. For anybody interested in football and hooliganism they should take some time and read this book. While others have broached the topic, Buford comes from an American perspective, which in the s meant little understanding of football. It pricks itself so that it has feeling, bums its flesh so that fhugs has smell.

Packed in as sardines, no seats, moving as a crowd, running to the exists once the game is over. Trivia About Among the Thugs. Please, allow me to be clear.

Mick, Harry, Roy, etc. No, I think Buford does not know what bikl means. Buford is the author of the books: It helped me, despite my knowledge albeit somewhat limited of the history of English football, to broach the phenomenon of the English soccer hooligan.

The conditions are appalling, but essential: Buford was an American living in England.


There is a particularly savage image of a drunk “supporter,” as Buford calls the hooligans, throwing lighted matches on the shoes of a well-to-do businessman riding in first-class, perhaps buforf Bill Buford, an American export to Britain, began an exploration of sports violence after he had the misfortune to take a train that was being systematically destroyed by hundreds of Liverpool soccer team supporters – the police seemingly unable to control the riot, indeed as afraid as the other passengers.

These guys like to beat each other up. Follow Us on Facebook. Because the police are so efficient at preventing the violence between clubs, when it comes come out, the violence is done towards everything else.

The police become the thugs that Buford fhe denigrates, but Buford does not think of them as thugs. This is, if you like, the answer to the hundred-dollar question: It suffers because it is really two books, an yhe and personal account of soccer hooliganism and an examination of crowds and crowd violence. InRichard Danzigformer student of political guru Michael G. He’s in Manchester, the most unruly of the fan clubs live there. Among the Thugs from BookRags.

That in itself is even more disturbing.

A better example would perhaps be the rivalry between West Ham and Millwall. Thankfully the hospital visit turned out to only be out-patient surgery and also thankfully, the surgery went as well as could be hoped.

After witnessing an act of random football soccer violence, Buford decided to investigate the phenomenon of football hooliganism in England in the early Refresh and try again.