ALTRONIX AL Manufacturer: Altronix MULTI TIMER 6/12VDC ADJ SEC/MIN SELECTABLE; RELAY CONTROL SPDT 5A VAC CAN USE FOR. : Altronix Digital Timer Home Improvement. Altronix ®. Multi-purpose Timer with enhanced features (replaces models and ). Overview: Model programmable timer is suitable for.

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By way of example, the two side-by-side sprinkler nozzles 22 and 24 are model number manufactured by Toro.

Currently, the only way to correct graffiti is after the fact. Visitor Badge – Paper for Dymo 3. The anti-graffiti apparatus has at least one sensor which is electrically connected to at least one in-line water valve which in turn is connected to a series of sprinkler spray heads which will spray water or other graffiti removing substances onto the walls.

Mounting of one 1 reader – Surface mounted on the pedistal front rounded surface – mounting bracket included. Remote Control – Control Box option tier the manual opening or locking of the lanes – per lane. The ‘ LeLande Patent discloses a fire extinguishing system for roof fires.

Kit expandable to 8 readers with 2 x MR When someone comes adjacent the wall anywhere along altroinx cover range of the sensor, the motion of the person will automatically activate the sensor which will in turn open the valve to cause the sprinkler heads to spray water or other anti-graffiti substance onto the walls and onto the tagger. VPN service – Needed for monitoring and remote 0660 for the on-premises security network.

It uses a timer chip. Color Ribbons – Evolis. The chamber has sensors for detecting combustion.


Altronix Multi Purpose Timer Module | eBay

I just don’t understand some people I guess. The apparatus in accordance with claim 15 further comprising timer means electrically connected to said at least one valve for controlling the time limit to deactivate said spraying device from spraying fluid on said structure and at the tagger.

Then you wanted it to wait until the input went high again before doing that again. Temporary Digital Credential for visitors. Corner Bracket – External Mount.

Altronix Multi Purpose Timer Module | eBay

The chamber is ventilated with a flow of air to maintain the concentration of solvent. Includes cloud camera licenses to view rimer and recorded video from anywhere and to store and distribute video events. An apparatus in combination with a structure for deterring a tagger from performing tagging, the apparatus comprising: The pop out sprinkler heads are angled to be moved in accordance to the average graffiti height and the varying height of the device.

If the kiosk or keypad includes a reader, a separate reader license is also needed. A altronis embodiment of the anti-graffiti apparatus comprises an elongated protective armor, a plurality of passive infrared sensors, a plurality of in-line valves, a plurality of two side-by-side adjacent sprinkler heads, and timer means.

Most ICs can handle an ouput current of 50mA at 12V latronix the need of a relay. The present invention sltronix to an apparatus for deterring taggers from performing unauthorized tagging on private or public property. The passive infrared sensor 18 has a cover range of 50 feet away from the building wall. Generally, common outdoor environmental areas such as freeway sound walls, freeway signs, buildings, tunnels, bridges, and other similar structures are at risk from being defaced by taggers.

Altronix 6060 Multi Purpose Timer Module

Visitor Badge – Paper 8 hr Exp 4″ x 2. MR50 Elevator Mounting Bracket.


The apparatus in accordance with claim 17 further comprising another timer means for automatically activating and deactivating said apparatus. Aperio M Mortise Cylinder iClass. Corner Bracket – Internal Mount. BluPASS can be valid for one-time use only, or for timef designated period. Wire Speed Kit – Three board enclosure power and data wiring kit includes RS harness and precut power pairs and trigger pairs for use in enclosures with lock control.

Includes Access Control functionality for relay-based elevators. A smartphone instead of a card is used for access through portals and to floors. It will be appreciated that the power supply 34, the power switch 36, the passive infrared sensor 18, in-line valve 20 and the first timer means 40 are all conventionally wired, and the description thereof aaltronix not be described since it will not be too hard for one skilled in the art to electrically wire the anti-graffiti apparatus.

Normally, the time limit for shutting off the in-line valve 20 is approximately one minute. It is emphasized that while these off-the-shelf components are the preferred model numbers, it is also within the spirit and scope of the present invention substitute compatible off-the-shelf components. Tabletop Tripod – for taking Employee Pictures Extends from The two side-by-side adjacent sprinkler heads 22 and 24 overlap each other for spraying the building wall and the tagger.

The following six 6 prior art patents were uncovered in the pertinent field of the present invention: