Brand New Alpine PXA-H IMPRINT 6-Channel Car Audio Sound Processor with Built-in 7-Band Graphic Equalizer for Select In-Dash Alpine Receivers. audio processor for use with most Alpine Ai-NET receivers; IMPRINT sound technology adjusts receiver output to match vehicle acoustics; manually.

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Seat and dashboard coverings change certain frequencies.

The result is that everyone in the car hears the music with superb clarity and imaging. Please also read our data protection. MultEQ applies processing to over specific frequencies in the audio spectrum, correcting the sound to perfectly match your listening environment with incredible precision.

Poor Acoustics in the Car The car interior is full of materials that actively distort and degrade the sound. The car interior is full of materials that actively distort and degrade the sound.

Alpine Pxa-h100 Sound Imprint Audio Processor for Select Receivers PXA H100

I,print the second click you can then send your referral for the specific page which you wish to recommend. This display feature lets you select menus and control parameters for your system by simply touching the monitor screen. In order to protect your data security, Alpine provides you the 2 clicks data security function.


This boost in voltage ensures that the music signal will not distort at high volume levels.


These problems are far too complex to be solved by simple equalisation. It analyses the acoustic characteristics of your car interior, and then creates a set of equalisation filters to correct for frequency response and time delay problems for each speaker in your car.

Carpets absorb and suppress mid frequencies. Windows amplify impriny reflect high frequencies. You love music and you know good sound when you hear it.

When you play your music on an audio system, you expect to be able to hear it with all the power, clarity and subtle expressive nuances of the original. Unfortunately, nothing dashes those expectations more thoroughly than the sonic environment of the car. Enjoy the ultimate in music reproduction, with technology that analyses and corrects acoustical problems inherent to the car.


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In addition, since the speakers are located at different distances from the listeners, the sound stage created in the car pxaa unbalanced and asymmetrical. They can be activated with a first click on the button. The Ai-NET system links high performance components via a high-speed bus, providing greater sound quality and control convenience, plus easier system upgrading. Ultra-high-resolution Bit DAC delivers exceptionally smooth and accurate reproduction of your digital sources.