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Most of the increase in circulation figures was witnessed in Africa and Asia World Association of Newspapers 3 August Newspapers design and layout refers to colors, fonts, spaces and akmassae and presentation of the editorial and non-editorial content in the pages of the newspaper.

ARro’yah is the fifth Arabic daily. Reading frequency of dailies based on valid percents. If both views are equally valid, this would raise a serious question about how to classify an illiterate person who buys a newspaper for his disabled daughter. Retrieved from ” https: The study used a non-probability sample, namely almqssae, since no sample frame has been identified for the population. Moreover, this study is the most recent, since all readership studies in Oman were conducted beforethe year when many new dailies and free publications were just starting to journak.

A survey questionnaire in the Arabic and English languages was generated. From the Pre-colonial Period to the Present Day”. The Audience Dialogue website defines readership as “the number of readers of a newspaper, magazine, etc which can only be assessed by a survey” Audience Dialogue, 26th June In the last three years, it published many controversial issues and that led to many lawsuits against the newspaper, the most publicized of which was Azzaman vs.

The study also found that “best news coverage” and “habit” are among the top reasons for choosing a newspaper. Their ages range from 15 to over 40 years old. The results in Table 10 show that the younger age group years and youth years appeared to be more satisfied than other age groups with their favourite newspapers’ coverage of all topics except ads, where the differences were statistically insignificant.


For the purposes of this study, these ways are not discussed in detail, but their general principles are used to outline how readership is operationally defined and measured.

Competition in a free and open market is inevitable, but it is the duty of the newspaper industry to become proactive and to work towards meeting the needs of its readers in this age of globalization. This could be attributed to the fact that Alshabiba has recently undergone major typographic and layout changes. However, the final presentation joirnal mainly on the creativity of the designers or the artists.

For nearly two decades, most of the available literature speculated a competitive relationship between print media and digital media, because the latter is often seen in the context of replacement, challenge and threat.

List of newspapers in Morocco

This quick review of the state of newspapers in the world shows that US print media have been hardest hit. The overall sample of the ESS survey was 32, Sincefour new dailies and several other free weeklies came out. Now, it is published in 48 pages using paper size 40 x 60cm, with some pages printed on glossy paper since In the United Arab Emirates UAEOman ‘s neighboring country where expatriates outnumber the nationals by a ratio of 8 to 2, Ipsos-Stat and Business Compass, two international research companies, conducted in a large scale readership research based on interviews.

Global advertising revenue made by the internet during the yearsand accounted for 10, 12 and 14 percent, respectively. Le Journal de Tanger. Raeymaeckers studied young Belgians, aged between years old, reading habits and attitudes towards newspapers. It also covers dailies and free weekly publications while previous studies focused only on one or the other. Al Ittihad Al Ichtiraki. Overall, there are more than 15 daily and weekly newspapers in both the Arabic and English languages available to a population totaling 3, people, according to the population statistics of published by the Ministry of National Economy.


Dennis List offered six different ways of measuring readership. Retrieved 18 January Retrieved 21 January InAlshabiba reappeared but in a newspaper format.

| Open Access Journals

His modern vision and openness to the world brought in many positive changes to the country, including the growth and expansion of the media sector. Alwatan elicited more positive attitudes about its content and design from its dedicated readers than did Oman.

In its akmassae, the World Association of Newspapers indicated that global paid-for daily newspaper circulation fell in by. Times of Oman is the first English daily in Oman.

It might be argued that the recent decline in advertising revenue can mainly be attributed to the global economic crisis, which has affected many industries including print media since late Outline Index Category Portal. Table 6 shows only the results where statistically significant differences were observed.

The analyses indicated that gender, age, education and income were strong predictors of the time spent on reading newspapers in most European countries. Newspapers published in Morocco Publications established in establishments in Morocco Arabic-language newspapers Media in Casablanca. In line with some other findings, hard xlmassae is the most preferred subject, followed by literary arts, crimes, kournal and soft news.

Most Almssae Forms of Journalistic Writing. The age group 30 — 44 accounts for Moreover, sinceseveral free and paid newspaper titles have emerged, but there is little information available about the characteristics of their readers and their reading habits.

According to the statistics of the Ministry of National Economy of midMuscat is the most populated place in Oman joirnalpeople. It also dedicates a section to youth news and activities, especially those of college and university students. Their predominant readers are Omani males within the age group years who work in the public sector and have a university degree.